Watermelon Carving. Skills Training

>>  9/29/2013

I bought the small watermelon at a local farmer market, and was surprised when I found it was without seeds and perfect for carving. So I kept it for training.

Since the time of my carving study at Malisa school in Thailand I wanted to try the learned soap carving designs in watermelon.

The imported watrmelons are big and hard to carve. Last week I broke two thai knives while carving on it skin. That is a terriblre loss. They were my favorite knives, one Triangle knife and one was thai...

But this local watrrmelon is just from my dreams, very soft and good for carving small details.So I did this soap design in it. You can compare the two designs and tell me which you like, in soap or in watermelon.

thai carving art n watermelon
Thai carving art in watermelon

P.S.: If you find a grammar mistake or misspelling in this blog, please feel free to correct it by mailing me. Thus you help to make the blog better and pleasant to read, you also help me to improve my English to tell you more about carving art.


Butternut Squash Cat

>>  9/24/2013

pumpkin cat
Butternut squash cat

When I saw the small butternut squashes at market I decided that could be a pretty cat statuette for my collection.. 

This cat has 4 flowers of different types carved around the pumpkin body. They are very small flowers. 
I have been carving the cat for 3 evenings :)) after job. The eyes are painted with CD marker (see Pumpkin Buddies - Easy Halloween Project)

Remeber to check out the Cat Carving Collection. It was updated with new cat shared by Ivelin Stanchev.

pumpkin cat orange cat

Tools to carve pumpkins:



New page with pictures from my classes

>>  9/23/2013

I have added a new page to my blog with pictures from my carving lessons and live demonstrations. Check up My classes  in the menu bar for more information about my activities.

I hope to see you and your creations in My class photo gallery some day! :)



Orange Carving

>>  9/22/2013

What kind of garnish you can do with orange?

A flower of the orange, slice garnish, basket carved of orange, or Teddy Bear sculpture of orange.

I made a collection of orange carvings and garnishes. Today's entry a pattern carved in orange skin, made with a thai knife.

what to carve in orange
Orange carving on skin
A few days later I cleaned inside the dry orange, inserted a small lamp and got a lantern:

orange carving lantern
Orange lantern

More ideas of orange carving and fruit sculpturing:

   Orange peel flowers




Teddy Bear Made of Oranges. Baby Shower Ideas.

>>  9/19/2013

Teddy Bear fruit sculpture of oranges was made for a baby boy birthday.  If you are looking for a baby shower idea, this fruit display is a perfect one.

Blue ribblon says 'It's a boy!' 

The Teddy Bear is the same cute as the Apple Panda. They are my latest invention. Love to add them to fruit displays and fruit platters for children. 

teddy bear of oranges
Teddy Bear of oranges

Learn how to make out this fruit Panda with the PDF tutorial


baby shower idea for fruit
Fruit display for boy baby birthday
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Bird Carved Of Pumpkin

>>  9/17/2013

Another bird carved of pumpkin.

I used the following carving tools:
V-knife for the white chrysanthemum (chinese cabage),
peeler for the carrot garnish,
U-knife for the feather decoration.

bird carved of pumpkin
Bird carved of pumpkin

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Simple Apple And Lemon Garnishes For Drinks

>>  9/16/2013

These garnishes are very easy and quick to make. You just need some cookie cutters. Your kids will help you. 

Bicolor Heart garnish of apples

how to make apple garnish
Bicolor heart garnish made of apples

You will need:
red and green apples,
heart cookie cutters in big and small sizes

1. Cut two slices of green and red apples
2. Using a big cutter cut out red and green hearts. Then using a small cutter carve out a small heart inside the big heart.
3. Swap the small hearts to compose the bicolor hearts.
4. Srick the garnish to the glass by cutting both small and big hearts like shown at the picture.

easy fruit garnish of apple
Instruction on making easy apple garnish

Butterfly garnish of apple and lemon

how to make butterfly of apple
Butterfly garnish of apple

You will need:
lemon and red apple,
butterfly cookie cutter.


1. Take a slice of red apple.
2. Using a bitterfly cutter carve out the batterfly garnish.
3. The apple batterfly and a lemon slice to be set on the glass.

easy lemon and apple garnises
Step instruction on how to garnish wth lemon and apple

Check out other ideas of using cookie cutters for making food garnishes:
Flower cookie cutters (mini pizza, sandwiches and sweet baking)


Fruit and Sweet Towers For Baby Shower

>>  9/14/2013

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Fruit And Macarons Towers

I decorated a baby shower with my all-purpose towers of fruits and sweets.

I explained how to make the fruit tower at the article How To Make Fruit Tower For French Wedding. Using this tutorial you will easily make the sweet tower too.

The customer also asked for cornucopia, a special stand for watermelon carving, to decoratre a table with chocolate fountain. On the following photo a fruit platter with cornucopia garnished with cute fruit sculptures apple Panda and orange Teddy Bear.

how to decorate baby shower boy
fruit and sweet towers

baby shower decoration fruit tower
Tower with sweets

teddy bear fruit sculpture and panda apple sculpture
Teddy Bear and Panda made of fruits to decorate the fruit platter


Cats, Cats, Cats. Cat Carving Ideas

>>  9/12/2013

Cat Carving Ideas 

Well, I think I am ready to open a 'Cat' gallery :) I have cats carved out of pumpkin and squash, cats made of apples, orange cat... and I don't want to stop. Hope to continue the list with new cats arrival.

Cats carved on pumpkin skin
The pair of kittens are made for 1 year birthday party. Can be used at baby shower. This vegetable sculpture is perfect for twins.

cat sculpture of vegetables
twin cats

kittens vegetable carving art

Apple cats
I have plenty of apple carving and apple garnishes at my blog,
The apple cats sit on a watermelon with a love message. Actually this is an edible card.
The watermelon carving is designed by Miho Morita

cat edible garnish of apples
cats in love

kitten applle carving sculpture

Check out more cat sculpture:

Butternut squash Cat by Ivelin Stanchev

pumpkin cat sculpture

pumpkin cat carving

watermelon basket with cat

Cat watermelon carving shared by Madalina

fruit carving for children

cat carved in pumpkin

halloween pumpkin carving cat

Do you have a cat carving or a cat sculpture? Send a photo of your work to me and I will feauture it in my blog. 


Fruit Display With Wedding Rings

>>  9/11/2013

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Crossed wedding rings is a popular wedding symbol in my country. The design was suggested by a young couple the display was made for. 

The fruit display and the platter went with a chocolate fountain. 

The rings made of a small pumpkin.

wedding fruit buffet heart design
fruit platter in a shape of heart for a chocolate fountain

wedding watermelon carving
crossed wedding rings is a popular wedding symbol

Slice peeler for making roses from orange skin
Thai knife for carving watermelon and flowers
V and U tools for some details in the watermelon design


Soap Carving, September 2013

>>  9/09/2013

It has been no soap carving long time. 
I was very busy with wedding decorations the past month. And I am full with work in September. Almost forgot about soap.

This green soap is my latest.

soap carving flower and waves
Soap carving with flower and waves. My necklace on the background


Totoro Watermelon Carving

>>  9/08/2013

My Neighbor Totoro (Tonari no Totoro), a popular animated family film, is a theme of the fruit display today.  

The Totoro watermelon and fruit platter are made for 10 years birthday party of a girl Diana. The display became a surprise for the girl and her guests. 

There are the film's characters made in fruits at the display. Totoro carved in watermelon, Mei carved in apples and Black Soots made of plums. 

totoro fruit display for kids
Totoro watermelon and Mei apple sculpture

black soots edible arrangement
Black soots made of plums  running on apple leaves path
totoro mei fruit carving sculpture
The whole fruit display in Totoro theme
When you carve apples remember to spray the white details with lemon juice. Use the citrus sprayer for this. 

totoro edible garnish
Diana and her brother playing with Totoro watermelon

I wanted to make Catbus as a sweet bonus, but had no time for that... Maybe next time :)


Panda Apple Sculpture

>>  9/02/2013

When you want to make someone smile ask me for a cute fruit sculpture. This is what I offer to my clients. I offer joy. 

This Panda apple sculpture was created for a woman, an owner of a pet shop. She got to a hospital, and her business partner asked me for a nice fruit platter to cheer her up. In order to make the fruit platter special I suggested an apple panda  as a platter decoration because the name of the pet shop was Panda. The shop also uses panda image for a logo. 

The fruit Panda is completely made of apples. I know what you think. Who dares to eat it? No needs to eat the Panda. There are lot of tasty fruits on the platter. The Panda is a decoration though it is entirely edible together with the green apples it sits on.

You will learn how to do the apple Panda from my PDF tutorial "Cute Fruit Sculptures For Children"

panda apple carving
Apple Panda

fruit carving panda and fruit platter
Fruit platter with the Panda apple sculpture

eBook "Cute Fruit Sculptires For Children"


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