Watermelon Peacock and Fruit Display

>>  1/30/2012

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Fruits fruits fruits...

Watermelon peacock with a colorful fruit tail at the fruit platter display.
To carve the bird I used a thai knife and U-shape knife.

watermelon basket
Fruit platter display with a watermelon bird

The platter is decorated with fruit exotic flowers. How to make such fruit crafts, see my downloadable tutorial.

Exotic Flower With Fruits 
Tutorial for "Yuzhno City"magazine, Russian/English, PDF file, 3.2 Mb
Download from here 

make a bird out of watermelon


Candy Bouquets for Christmas and New Year Holidays

>>  1/06/2012

I'd like to share a few candy bouquets I made for the New Year and Christmas (January 07).

If you want to learn how to make candy bouquets read a book How to Make Candy Bouquets For Fun and Profit

Christmas Candy Bouquet in a Basket

candy bouquet in a basket

chocolate details

Candy Bouquet in a Vase 
with a smal champagne inside


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