Dove Sculptures And Medallion Carving Design For Turquois Themed Wedding

>>  9/28/2014

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 Wedding watermelon carving design with rose medallions

The rose medallion design was originated by carving artists from Japan. The design in the photo is my adaptation, I added swirls between roses which look great and do not overload the design.

watermelon carving design
watermelon carving design with rose medallions and swirls for a wedding of Alex and Victoria

Dove sculptures

Dove birds are carved of daikon radish. Compare the dove's sculpture with my first doves made in 2012.

dove sculpture out of vegetables

wedding fruit tray
Fruit platter

Color Challenge

As I mentioned in the title, there was a turquois themed event. To match the color challenge, green roses with a blue center were added to a display. The colors gradation was a right decision, as I found later at the site, the gradation's idea was used for some pieces of the head table decoration.

watermelon carving display at wedding
At the head table

turquois color challenge
Turquois themed wedding decoration

turquois themed wedding
a colors gradation used in the peace of décor

Learn watermelon carving designs from the books:



Wedding Fruit Platter Decoration

>>  9/19/2014

festive fruit platter

I decorated the wedding fruit platter with a boat carved out of a squash. It's filled with raspberry and red currant, and garnished with the exotic frangipani flowers.
Vases, boats and vessels carved of vegetables look very good at the fruit platters. They add more space to the platter and make 3-dimencional look.
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wedding fruit decorations

Bird sculptures of daikon radish keep leading, they are the popular decorations for wedding fruit arrangements. The heart line on the watermelon skin is carved with nice wavy details.

how to garnish with fruits
The wedding fruit arrangement with a fruit boat, the bird sculptures

 Fruit carving books:


Pumpkin Girl

>>  9/17/2014

pumpkin girl
Pumpkin Girl and a "Ladybird" painting
A sculpture of a girl in an old fashion hat made of white pumpkin and squashes of different sizes.

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Wedding Watermelon Carving Arrangement And Fruit Platter

fruit garnishes
fruit platter
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Fruit platter and watermelon carving arrangement with golden pumpkin rings for an open-air wedding reception.

fruit paltter garnishes
pumpkin vessel with berries

wedding pumpkin rings

Books and fruit carving tutorials:



Thai Pumpkin Lantern

>>  9/13/2014

thai style carving
Thai pumpkin lantern

I just love small pumpkins. My mom cultivates different types of pumpkins at her garden for carving purpose. I like to use the 'babies' for fall crafting as Pumpkin Ghosts and Pumpkin Snowmen; and also use the small pampkins for practising varving skills.

This time a little pumpkin has been turned into a lantern with the unusual carving design. Which one do you like a lantern with a white center or the one with a carrot insert?

apple carving
Apple carving

pumpkin lantern thai carving skills
Pumpkin lantern with a carrot insert

white and yellow pumpkin carving lantern
the same lantern with a candle inside

Pumpkin Lanterns Party Here!
Carve a lantern out of a pumpkin and take an interesting photo of it. Send the  photo to my e-mal: with your name and country. Let's share your passion of carving art.


Gangster Theme Wedding Decoration

>>  9/12/2014

Chicago Gangster theme wedding, August 2014
The event was decorated with two fruit displays.
The first photo is a large fruit platter with a beautiful arc of fruits and flowers carved out of vegetables. A watermelon has a gangster couple image carved in it's skin.

chicago gangster theme wedding

The second fruit display went to a head table and it was a fruit basket. To add a gangster detail I carved bullet holes in the watermelon and set Ace four of a kind on top. The playing cards are carved of red apple and egg plant.

A whole project with more details and photos available for the blog's subscribers. Check out the side bar for the "Loyal Readers Club" subscribe form.

gangster theme wedding decor

wedding head table decor with fruits

watermelon fruit basket
Gangster theme fruit basket for a head table decoration



Pumpkin Lights Photo Shoot At The Beach

>>  9/09/2014

carving art party

fruit carving party

This project was staged at a sea beach at the end of August.

Together with my artistic friend Marina I carved few pumpkin lights to take beautiful photos at a natural landscape. I love the idea to bring together two elements of Water and Fire. It was a magical performance. We have got amazing pictures of waves rolling onto the lights, some of them kept burning in water. Just fascinating.

Let's do Pumpkin Lights Party!

Send me a photo of your latest light carved out of a pumpkin or a squash to my email with "Pumpkin Lights Party" in the message title. Provide your name and country you are from. I will post your craft in my blog.

Share you passion of carving art. 

pumpkin light carving

pumpkin carving craft


Rococo Watermelon Carving

>>  9/05/2014

rococo style fruit display
Rococo watermelon carving display

Today's carving "Rococo Watermelon" display.



Japanese Art In A Russian Samovar. Ikebana Show

>>  9/04/2014

japanese art in russian samovar
In this blog post I continue the story of a unique Ikebana Event held in Yuzhno City, Sakhalin island (my homeland) in August 2014.
The Ikebana Event was brighten up with a live show given by the five teachers from Hokkaido, Japan. Nobody of us expected that, instead of vases,  the masters took Russian samovars to make the Ikebana arrangements in. It was really surprising. We all were taken up by the show awaiting the complete piece of art.
One of the teachers commented that making greenery arrangement in the samovar was a challenging task because of the shape and inner surface of the pot. The teachers loved the idea so much and they could not resist it. There was a message of friendship and strong relationship between our islands.
See the pictures of the Show below, click it for a bigger size.
I also like to add that the Event of the culture exchange was organized by Sakhalin government. The Show was held in Santa Resort Hotel, which recently became a residence of a local Ikebana community. The hotel supports the floristic activity and provides space for open air installations.
All classes and the Show were free with no entrance fee.
at the hotel holl

masters at work
Russian samovar instead of a vase

a completed arrangement

I like the color and the flowers combination in this arrangement

It is going to be a big installation

thank you for watching ))
Read a story about my family samovar
Learn more about my Ikebana activity


Time To Study: Ikebana

>>  9/01/2014

In August the Sakhalin Ikebana community got together to learn the Japanese art from leading teachers of five famous Ikebana schools.  There was a week event with every day study held in Checkov Art Museum and a beautiful Ikebana Show.

At the classes we were explained the difference between the schools, rules and the main lines of each Ikebana arrangement. Each student's work was carefully checked by the teacher. The study was a positive experience.
The event was organized by a local government, the classes were absolutely free for us.

 Read on Ikebana Show: Japanese Art In A Russian Samovar

preparing a working place


a teacher explains the main lines of the arrangement

a teacher checks a student's work


ladies at discuss

a certificate with the teachers signs

our group

with the teachers



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