Hawaiian Themed Installation

>>  4/28/2015

fruit tower hawaiian theme
Hawaiian mask carved of pumpkin

This Hawaiian themed installation was presented to the public at "Sakhalin Artisans" exhibition held at the biggest trading center in my city on 25th of April, 2015.

This installation is a new project of me and my friend and painter Marina. We combined painting and fruit displays to deliver a feeling of the exotic place.

The masterpieces on the photos:
The fruit tower with a Hawaiian mask carved out of pumpkin and flowers carved of daikon.
A sculpture of parrot carved out of daikon and flowers of vegetables.
A painting of a beach.

hawaiian fruit carving
Painting and fruit carving displays

hawaiian flowers carving

How we spent our day

fruit carving hawaiian party

What has inspired us

animals hawaii

Our guests

hawaiian decoration with fruits and vegetables

Workshop zone

how to learn carving art

More projects of us:

Four Seasons. Exhibition at The Sakhalin Art Museum
Pumpkin Lanterns At The Beach


Easter Fruit Carving and Eggs Dyeing, 2015

>>  4/09/2015

easter garnish
Chicks and Mickey Mouse Easter eggs
How was your Easter party?

Here in Russia Easter is celebrated on the 12 of April, 2015.
Last weekend we had a class on making Easter garnishes. At the class I taught how to carve spring flowers out of vegetables and how to make Easter bunny with fruits.

We arranged some branches in a vase and decorated them with soap carving eggs, paper eggs and mini plants in the egg's shell.

On the photos you see my ideas of eggs dyeing. They were fun to do with kids. I liked the chicks and the kids liked to do the Minions ))

minion egg dyeing
Minion eggs dyeing

Watch the video taken at our Easter class:

easter bunny fruit crafts
Easter bunnies carved of fruits

Tutorial on fruit sculpting:

Cute Fruit Sculptures For Children

Step by step tutorial on carving fruit sculptures for children's party.
This is a collection of the best sculptures I have carved for Baby Showers and kid's parties.

Fruit Sculptures: New Ideas (2014)

A pdf album with new ideas of fruit displays made for children. The photos from the file have never been posted in the blog.
The photos have brief descriptions and lists of the materials used.


Fruit Basket With Melon And Fruit Flowers

>>  4/02/2015

New fruit basket with a watermelon, melon carving and fruit flowers. A pumpkin bird on the top.

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melon carving
watermelon carving
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