Zentangle Fish Soap Carving

>>  8/19/2016

zentangle fish carving
Zentangle soap carving

My new soap carving souvenirs made for the city fair.

I used some zentangle art ideas to carve the fish.

The word in the soap means Sakhalin, the name of my island.

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zentangle soap carving idea
Zentangle fish


Bride And Groom Watermelon Display

>>  8/18/2016

Bride and groom watermelon carving

One of my latest work is the wedding display with a bride and groom image carved in watermelon. Where are fruits, carved apples, and big red and yellow flowers carved from bell pepper, arranged around the watermelon. A sculpture of two dove birds are on the top of the watermelon.

If you like to learn how to carve the bell pepper flowers as on the photo try the carving technique explained in the tutorial "Bell Pepper. Food Garnish".

vegetable edible arrangement for wedding
Bell pepper flowers

edible arrangement with fruits and vegetables for wedding table
Fruit arrangement with watermelon for wedding party
Here is the back side view of the display. I decided to show this picture too ))

View of the back side of the display


Love Story Told With A Watermelon

>>  8/17/2016

lovestory carved in watermelon

The watermelon is carved for my friends who are dating for a month.

Let's add this to the Cats Carving Collection.

watermelon design


Gold Fish. Food Garnish Tutorial

>>  8/15/2016

A new tutorial is available at my Etsy shop.

Gold Fish. Food Garnish

Tutorial for food garnish

Instant PDF download
14 pages of step by step instructions with large photos on making the fish garnish.

Buy the tutorial at my Etsy shop or mail me directly to selen15367@yahoo.com


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