Wonder Tree With A Bird

>>  2/27/2010

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This is the famous cuccagna Wonder Tree, my visitors already know about it. Today this is a tree with a bird carved from a lobo (daikon) and having wings made of cucumber. The tree is decorated with candy and  radish carvings.


Parrot Jacques

>>  2/25/2010

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I was engaged to make some fruit plates for a chocolate fountain presentation. Parrot Jacques is one of three fruit plates I have made for the party.


Parrot Jacques and its environment:


Jigsaw Puzzle Game With Fruit Carving Arrangements

>>  2/24/2010

Play Jigsaw Puzzle Game with the fruit carving arrangement pictures.

Shuffle - mix up the puzzles
Original - original picture
Numbers - show on/off numbers of the puzzles

Start the game


Lady Warrior Stencil

>>  2/21/2010

I have started a new blog section "Stencils" where I'm sharing patterns & stencils for waterlemon and pumpkin carving.

If you need more info about pattern carving techniques see the post "Apple Heart and Apple Butterfly" with the video instruction.

I've found a beautiful image of Xena, Lady Warrior, that is built on contrast and will look great on watermelon. Click the image to enlarge and download.

Read a story about a real existing lady warrior, Joan of Arc, and her life full of mysterious, dramatical and glorious points.


Outdoor Birthday Party

Today I was engaged for an outdoor birthday party in the South Park. South Park is a cozy  leisure open area with skating rink, snowmobiles, BBQ deck and  a snack bar. It's  a lovely  place indeed for  family picnic and noisy outdoors activity. We have been asked to organize sweet dessert for 12-years-old girl and her friends in that place.

It was supposed to be a surprise to kids. While they were riding a snowjet we adjusted a chocolate fountain with fruits and a special fountain with drinks in the bar. Photo of carving fruit display is attached. Need a good picnic idea? Picnicfood-ideas.com is all about BBQ!

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Mobile Version Of The GarnishFood Blog

>>  2/18/2010

I have a good news. Now it is possible to read GarnishFood blog using a mobile device. Point and shoot your camera phone at a mobile code and get access to the news from the blog directly to your mobile phone.  Not only can you read the blog, but you are allowed to rate and share the content by email, SMS and Twitter.

Stay updated anywhere you are. Use garnish food tutorials and see fruit display pictures any moment you actually need it.


Watermelon With Butterfly Pattern

>>  2/17/2010

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This week was rich for watermelon carving ideas. This one was exhibited at the lil girl bithday party.  
DOWNLOAD the butterfly templates to carve on watermelon and pumpkin I use for work. 

Here is butterfly on a cake made by Asye Yaman, a cake and icing designer:


"Happy Birthday" Watermelon

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Happy Birthday fruit display at Diamond anniversary.



Watermelon And Flowers - On The Supposition Of Spring

>>  2/06/2010

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Valentine Day, Woman Day, everything reminds of the oncoming of spring. I made this watermelon carving arrangement to display at my fruit carving presentation in Russian American Trading Business Center (Sakhalin Isle). I added some spring colors. Yellow lilly, orange roses and pink flowers were carved from a lobo (horse radish or daikon).




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