Matrioshka Soap Carving

>>  6/16/2016

This cutie is the one of the Matrioshka soap carving collection.

matrioshka soap

soap carving 2016


Banana Smoothie and The Cutting Revolution

>>  6/15/2016

A delicious banana smoothie to make my day.

The ingredients for the shake came from the very different places. I used a yogurt from a local farmer, a banana from a South America country, and a secret ingredients that I bought at Asian market is some magically shining sugar and honey crystals. What a good idea to bright up my drink!

Sugar and honey crystals

 So, sugar melted in the hot yogurt together with banana and some powder cinnamon went to the handle chopper/blender which is called The Cutting Revolution. Properly mixed it went to my glass.

My mini-function manual food chopper

A painting in my kitchen




There Is Something Apart From Carving

>>  6/02/2016

A practice of floral design, and I suppose my love to cute things has brought me to the things I am enjoying to do now. These are florariums and mini garden in the bottles.

These mini landscapes in the vases look like pieces of nature you can keep on your desk in the office, or in your home in the city. While viewing the mini gardens you get a desire to become a tiny one to get inside the bottle  and examine  the things in there, the caves, the wood, and the paths.
Sounds like something that can relax you and bring a peace to your heart.

Inside the bottle

succulent garden
Succulent landscape

florarium cactus
For cactus lovers

florarium with plants
Mini garden in the bottle in the proccess

mini landscape in the vases


The Phoenix

>>  6/01/2016

A fruit arrangement with a carved watermelon and a Phoenix bird carved out of pumpkin set on the top.

The arrangement has been made for the 60th anniversary celebration. The Phoenix symbolizes rebirth and renewal. It is a powerful message to the birthday person.

The event has been taken in 'Five Stars' restaurant. I like working at the spot. They have there a beautiful glass arc in a gothic style, that is illuminated from inside and gives much light. And that all makes a contemporary look.



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