Bouquet With Vegetable Orchids and Apples

>>  11/23/2011

Phalaenopsis Orchid flowers made of vegetables
arranged into a bouquet with carved apples

Flowers are carved out of carrot, radish and daikon.
Apples are carved with a thai knife and V-shape knife.


Wedding Arrangement: Watermelon Vase and Vegetable Carving Flowers

>>  11/19/2011

Fruit display with a watermelon vase and vegetable carving flowers, made for Autumn themed wedding.

Green flowers are carved of daikon with U-shape knife.
Watermelon skin decor is carved with V-shape and U-shape knives.
The apple, kiwi and the red cabbage anturiums are carved with a thai knife.
The display is arranged in a watermelon plate with oins.

Fall wedding fruit display

Close look of the design

Bouquet of flowers carved of vegetables


Babyshower Fruit Toys

>>  11/18/2011

More fruit toys and crafts for kids:
Pokemon Melon Cup
Lightning McQueen Watermelon Basket
Hello Kitty Watermelon
Fruit Princess Story (Cinderella)

I love to make fruit displays for babyshower parties. Cute animals and characters bring joy to children and adults. Some people hardly believe that the toys made of edible fruits. They think it is plastic. I ensure the display is completely made of fruit and vegetable :) I just wish the toys could have a longer life...

I enjoyed my work today. This display is my favorite one now. It took 2 hours and 30 minutes to carve and assemble them.

Fruit Toys Display For Babyshower Party

Fruit toys

I found a pineapple to be a convinient base for fixing fruit crafts on it.
On the picture below you see a rabbit made of an orange. He is a character of a famous russian cartoon. His name is Krosh.

krosh Rabbit on a pineapple

A close look of a spiral apple and a bee made of cumquat.

Cunquat bee and an apple lollypop

A fruit tiger pilots a melon airplane.

I have used special tools for making the fruit toys.


Fall Vegetable Displays at Citymall

>>  11/14/2011

Last weekend I made fall vegetable carving centerpices to display at Citymall, a big trading and recreation center in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk. 

Citymall organized some activities to celebrate a second anniversary for its openning. Last year we had a culinary show with carving displays and a quiz at the foodcourt. This year I made a vegetable flowers bouquet and made a free fruit carving demonstration.

Fall bouquet with vegetable carving flowers:
peppers and Beijing cabbage flowers in a pumpkin vase

Quick & Easy fall centerpices demo

If you are time limited for a party decorating take a look at the Last Minute Pumpkin Buddies Project. 
This is a non-carving centerpiece made in 10 minutes. This is also a long-play centerpiece. I made the Yellow Pumpkin Guy in September and it is still in a perfect condition. 

Fall is a good time to collect some nice pumpkins to make a Pumpkin Snowman before the Christmas and New Year holidays pop up. Dress up your snowman according to a season. A scarf and a hat for winter  or sunglasses and a hawaiian shirt for summer :)

Pumpkin Buddies
Happy Birthday Snowman and Yellow Pumpkin Buddy

Drink garnish demo

For the Drink Garnish demo I showed some easy ways to decorate a beverage wirh apples. The gearwheels from the picture below are made by demo visitors.

Apple garnish for a drink

Apple carving centerpieces

There are some apples below carved with a help of U-shape knife.

Apple carving

Apple carving centerpieces

Check up more fall centerpieces:


Fall Wedding Centerpiece

>>  11/05/2011

More fall centerpieces:
Pumpkin With a Gothic Moon Design
Melon Basket
Melon Peacock Bird

Fall wedding centerpice made with the carved melon vase, swan scuptures and vegetable flowers.
Before I made the swans for the watermelon fruit bowl.

Today was raining. I met a mountain ash tree on my way. The ash berries with rain drops were magnificent.

Mountain ash berry in the rain


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