Fruit and Vegetable Carving Ikebana. Romantic style for wedding reception

>>  5/23/2011

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Wedding fruit carving arrangement made for Mega Palace Hotel, Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk city.
Watermelon desigh inspiration by Francesco Scravaglieri Soap Album.

Fruit buffet for chcolate fountain

Radish and daikon flowers

Wedding reception hall


North Milky Shake With Cranberry and Plum Garnish

>>  5/02/2011

I am participating in Mocktails and Coolers Event (1st May - 31st May, 2011) hosting by Nayna. The Event is aiming to cool the sunmmer heat by sharing refreshing drinks.

Considering the weather we have today (the 2nd of May), there is a severe snowstorm here in Sakhalin, I have invented a North Milky Shake with cranberries. It is rich with vitamins!

Cooling milky shake - greetings from North
The white on the background is snow on the window glass.


Mix forest berries with milk in a blender. Then add cranberry syrop and shake well.

Milkyshake garnish:

A plum carved into a flower, a grape in the center, lemon strips and apple leaf for colour.
Fixation with 2 toothpicks.

North milky shake and cranberry syrop
Vitamins rich!
How to make a flower out of plum:

Cut a plum in half and remove a pit

make a zig zag cut

Separate skin and flesh. Form a nice flower

Milkyshake with a plum flower garnish

There is still a blizard. It's the 2nd of May on the calendar!

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Eco-Fashion Show. Flowers of Sakhalin 2011. Space Amazon Lady

>>  5/01/2011

Green EcoFashion Show was a perfomance during the "Flowers of Sakhalin 2011". Florists and  Ikebana masters presented their dresses made from natural materials as flowers, leaves, plants, wood and food.

My eco project was a Space Amazon Lady. The costume was made out of birch branches, north bamboo (Polygonum sachalinense) and some grains. The Amazon model was supposed to be nearly undressed, so body art made the complete look.

Space Amazon Lady

Creators of  Space Amazon Lady
From the left: me, Tanya (the model) and Anna (body art) 

Tanya is wearing a costume. Crown from branches, necklace made of north bamboo.
The design on the shield is inspired by the circles on fields.
Materials for the shield: coffee beans, shell bean, orange skin. I also used orange skin for crown brooch

Anna making body art to the model

Space Amazon and Stranger from Alcyone Star (model by sakhalin florist Vladimir Tyurin)

Space Amazon and Mercury (model by Tatiana Tsoi).
Amazon Lady has got a boyfriend

The perfomance
The eye on palm 


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