Create n Crave ~ Fruit and Vegetable Event, September 2011

>>  8/31/2011

I am glad to announce that I host the famous Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Vegetable Event in September.
If you read my blog regulary you might noticed a logo like this:

This event was originated by Nayna ( The aim of the event is spreading a word about fruit and vegetable art worldwide. 

I invite you to join the event in September and share your fruit and vegetable creations on my blog pages.

Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Vegetable Event
1st of September 2011 - 30th of September 2011

How to start

Before you start you can check carving tutorials at 

What kind of creations can participate

Using fruit or vegetable show a garnish or carving work you have created. You can post instructions on how to create your garnish / carving although it is not compulsory. If you use an on line source or video to help you, please do not forget to link the source due to copyright reasons and of course to give full credit to the owner.
You can use cookie cutters, knives, fancy garnish cutters, graters any tool to help you create your piece of art. You may send entries where you have used your garnish or carving centerpieces on a cooked dish, but remember the main emphasis should be to show the carving /creation

How to send your work to the Event

Please follow the Event rules:
  • Make a post with your fruit or vegetable creation
  • Use the Event logo is mandatory. It helps to spread a word of carving art.
  • Multiple entries and Archived entries allowed if reposted
  • Entries must include a backlink to the Event websites like the following:
Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Vegetable September 2011 Event by 
guest hosted by Fruit Carving Arramgements and Food Garnishes

  • If you are a Facebooker and have no private blog, you can participate too. Just promote this page at your Facebook page.

Send your entries info to my e-mail Please provide info in the following format:

Your Name:
Blog Name:
Post Name:
Post URL:
Image no larger than 300 pixels as attachment.

How it works for you

At the end of September 2011 I will post all recieved photos and your fruit and vegetable carving projects at Round-up page. Many people from all the world around will see your creations and will visit your blog/website. And you will likely  find new friends :)

I am looking forward to seeing your cute and wonderful food crafts and garnishes. 
I recommend you to check up the previous Event Round-ups right now.

Have a Happy Carving!


Pokemon Melon Ice cream Cups

>>  8/27/2011

Yesterday I went to local market and stumbled across baby melons. Tiny melons were so cute and sweet so I could not help buying them. I had no idea what I were going to do with them. Eat or craft?

Melon crafting was spontaneous ^-^.  The Monster jumped out of my pocket and said Ham-Ham. He was hungry. He ate my ice cream. And jam. And the rest of orange.. Oh my..

Melon Cup in a shape of Pokemon (Pocket Monster)
Cute ice cream dessert garnish

Take a baby melon, cut a lead off and clean out of seeds.

Cut a small apple in quarters and make ears. Pin the ears to the melon lead with toothpicks.

Take a baby carrot and cut off two slices for the monster eyes. Toothpicks help to fix it.

Fill the melon cup with ice cream. Close lead up. If you want to have Pokemon mouth open adjust the lead with a toothpick.

Cute Melon Cup With A Bow

Clean up a baby melon the same way as the Monster cup. Fill the melon cup with ice cream, garnish with chocolate Crispy Sticks. Slice an orange, cut in four and pin the orange quarters to the melon lead to make a cute bow.

Love me, feed me, never leave me
animated Gif is made at

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Carrot Sandwich

>>  8/24/2011

Once I came across a Carrot Cake made by Dave, the owner of the I liked the 'carrot' idea so much. That inspired me to create Carrot Sandwich.

For my version of Carrot Sandwich you need:
salmon caviar

By the way, in russian we use a german word 'buterbrot' for sandwich.

The Encyclopedia of Sandwiches
200 Best Panini Recipes

Salmon fishing

Cats love fishing too

Find a cat
linking to



Vegetable "Pop Art" Arrangements (Cupcakes)

>>  8/19/2011

*** Vegetable Pop Art ***


Patisson Squash

Small vegetable arrangements with flowers
Morimono ikebana

morimono ikebana with fruit and vegetables

morimono ikebana

morimono ikebana with vegetables

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Submitted to:
 Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Vegetable August 2011 event by guest hosted by Dinner recipes by Sonias Kitchen.


Vegetarian Rolls With Pickled Radish and Cucumber Garnish

>>  8/07/2011

More japanese recipes:
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Salad With Daikon and Syabu Syabu Sauce

For Vegetarian rolls you need:
pickled radish
pickled ginger.

Korean pickled radish (daikon)

Japanese pickled ginger Syoga

Cook rice. Prepare vegetable for rolls.Boil carrot, skin cucumber and cut. Keep the peeled cucumber skin for plate garnishing. Unpack ginger and add ginger vinegar to the cooked rice (one or two teaspoons for a rice bowl). 

I make rolls with a help of silicone mat Makisu (made by Lekue company, Spain)

Dish rolls up with pickled ginger and soy sauce. Make knots out of cucumber skin to garnish rolls (see carrot knots at my tutorial page).

Submitted to:
 Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Vegetable August 2011 event by guest hosted by Dinner recipes by Sonias Kitchen.


The Biedermeier Wedding Fruit Display

>>  8/02/2011

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The watermelon is carved in a romantic and pleasing european style, the Biedermeier. The red shirley flowers  and a lantern make an intimate athmosphere.

The watermelon design is inspired by Mrs.Pam Maneeratana's watermelon creation from her new book "Messages Found With the Carving Knife".

I have alll DVDs by Pam. One DVD (The Art of Watermelon Carving) explains how to carve beautiful bunch of roses and rose buds. The "Kae-Sa-Luk" DVD gives ideas about making pumpkin lanterns.
Pam is a perfect teacher, you will improve your carving skills for sure by following Pam's instructions. You will learn how to create a textured and bright design on watermelons and how to carve deep avoiding 'flat' flowers.

The Biedermeier fruit display materials:
shirley flowers from red pepper,
lantern form a marrow squash.

Fruit tray:
green grape,
white nectarine,

Want to learn how to carve watermlons, apples, oranges or vegetable? Like to make fruit displays and arrangements?
Check out my Tutorials Page!


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