Sogetsu Ikebana Workshop - 2017

>>  6/28/2017

A big event is holding here now. It's a Japanese and Russian Culture Festival. 

The one of the Festival activities is the Sogetsu Ikebana workshop by the japanese teachers, Takako Nishimura-sensei and her team from Hokkaido. Few years ago our local Ikebana group became a Studio Group officially recognized by Mrs.Akane Teshigahara and Sogetsu School in Tokyo. So each year we are visited and cared by our teachers from Japan. 

ikebana sakhalin art museum

These last days in June made a wonderful meeting with the flowers and art. Inspite of my ability to attend only 2 of 4 lessons, I got a real pleasure to study. We learned how to create a vase for the floral arrangements by weaving a sphere vase with thin rotang.


Sogetsu Text Books:


sakhalin studio group
Ikebana workshop was held in Chekhov Museum. The hall with a photo exhibition was turned to the classroom.
The photos on the wall are by japanese artists sharing their vision of the Russian land. 

sogetsu ikebana lessons
Our studying group. We started with making a paper sphere.

ikebana rotang weaving
Learning how to make knots

how to bend sphere of rotang
My rotang sphere is done!
It can change the form to oval or whatever when sinked in water and pressed for a while

nishimura sensei sakhalin
Teachers explain the process and some tricks of the weaving

sogetsu study sakhalin nishimura takako
Love my sphere : ))
hokkaido nishimura 草月いけばなサハリン
The next step is to create an arrangement.
 I like this shot. Think you agree with me that it's important to surround yourself by a beauty

I choosed plants for my design

ikebana arrangement blue flowers
The idea is brought to life

blue floral design  草月レッスンロシア
This is how the details make a melody

Ladies at work

Minna no shyashin
A must have photo :)

The teachers show what else you can do with the spheres. 

sogetsu ikebana hokkaido takako nishimura
Nishimura-san got an ecochic hat 
With friends.
The outdoor ikebana installation in front of the art museum


Traditional Korean 60th Birthday Table Setting (Hwangap)

>>  6/25/2017

I have been invited to a teem of designers to provide a traditional korean festive food decoration for the 60th birthday. The korean 60th birthday is called Hwangap. 

typical korean table decoration

 Two fruit carving arrangements were done for the event. They are watermelons with fruit sculptures on it sending a message of health, long life and love to the birthday woman from her family.

hwangap fruit style
The watermelon carving design with  a message "To Mommy" 

fruit carving designs 60th birthday
The watermelon carving with a message of the long life wish

The other designers covered the head table with typical koren clothes and set the festive table ware. They also placed the jelly towers made in a traditional festive way. These towers you see on the photo are plastic ones. In the past korean families did the towers with using real traditional sweets. 

jelly towers 60th birthday hwangap
Korean 60th birthday (Hwangap) table setting with the jelly towers and food decorations


Phytodesign With Ferns In Self Watering Santino Planters

>>  6/21/2017

santino latina selfwatering plant pot

When I am free of fruit carving work I sell my green designs. 

I have been asked to create two containers with ferns to be placed in a bathroom corner garden of a client. 

Except of providing a planting design I was charged with the Santino self watering pots I was supposed to plant in. If you have never dealed with this type of planter, it could be a difficult to figure out how to use it. The Santino Latina self watering planter has drenage cartriges which are a smart watering system.

This video is a good help, thanks the guy for the instruction.

As for the decorative part of my design, I used the north moss (gathered on  a local hill), white rocks and shells.

self watering planter santino latina

phytodesign for the bathing corner garden


Eco Fashion And Ikebana Show 2017

The Sakhalin Art Museum, the main art space in the city, has turned to the blooming garden for 3 days in May 2017.

You know that I am a part of the local Ikebana community. We float from one exibition space to the other to bring more beauty to the world. This time the Ikebana community celebrated the 15th anniversary of Ikebana Sogetsu school in our city.

People who follow my blog might remember that I live on the island called Sakhalin. It is in the Far East of Russia and very close to Hokkaido. We are historicaly tied to the japanese culture here. So Ikeana floral art organically came to our life.

sogetsu floor installation
"Spring Catchers" ikebana installation

For this big event I created a floor instalation which I called "Spring Catchers" with using the north bamboo, spring plants and flowers. The painting on the wall is a part of the installation.

Preparing the material and creating the fans of the north bamboo in the workshop

The painting and the plants

Specially for the event I have created a dress of the flower packing materials to show up in the Eco Fashion Defile (here is the link for Eco Fashion 2011). Thanks to the model Angelina for making the look.

eco fashion dress 2017

eco dress
Eco Fashion models

Watch the video from the Show and Eco Fashion Defile:

Oh that's me trying on the dress while making it:

I hope you will like our eco friendly designs

eco friendly dresses


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