More Halloween Pumpkin Lights

>>  10/29/2009

I've been asked to give a pumpkin carving class on a local TV channel today. I went on TV with KingTiger, Butterfly, Moon Cat Pumpkin lights and Pumpkin Vases carved with my new thai knife). TV pick up is over and I am giving pumpkin lights away today and tomorrow.


"Mukimono" The Japanese Method Of Food Garnishing. Cucumber

>>  10/19/2009

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Mukimono is a traditional japanese art of carving vegetables and food garnishing. Some of the japanese garnishes are simple and easy to do and some other methods are intricated. Carrot, daikon or cucumber help to complete a look of a dish when you know a couple of special Mukimono techniques.

Maple and ginko leaves, curlies, marine creature etc.

Original pictures

Mukimono video
- A Special Way Of Cutting Cucumber


How To Make Wedding Watermelon With Heart & Roses Pattern

>>  10/10/2009

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DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) - How To Carve Wedding Watermelon With Heart And Roses Pattern

Enjoy fruit carving art with me and make your own Heart&Roses wedding watermelon using my tutorial. The Heart&Roses design is suitable for wedding and Valentine Day.  For making this pattern you need some carving tools as thai knife and U-knife.

Step 1.
Choose a medium size round watermelon (5-6 kilo). Scratch a heart on a watermelon skin. Use a heart stencil to draw a nice one.

Cut a heart with a thai knife and remove green skin inside the heart silhouette cutting small pieces of skin.

Step 2. Carve a rose inside the heart. Then using a round-shape knife make slots. Cut from the heart edge toward the rose petals keeping the heart line.

Step 3. As far as you done Step 2 cut a bigger heart with a round-shape knife. Insert the knife into the skin to flash. Remove watermelon skin around the heart.

Step 4. At this stage you carve a rose wreath around the green heart.

Step 5. Complete the pattern with a band carved around the roses. The final look of the watermelon makes a fruit stand or a special plate what fixes fruits.
I garnished the Heart&Roses Watermelon with the flowers from raddish, kiwi and apple carving centerpieces. Orange one is a nectarine.


Halloween Pumpkin Design

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You need special tools for making these pumpkins:
Melon Baller
Vegetable Engraver

Pumpkin Vase
Choose a small pumpkin or a pumpkin of medium size. Clean it out and build a pattern by making small holes in the pumpkin. See also how to make Melon Basket.

Moon Cat Pumpkin
Decide on a medium size pumpkin. Cut the top out and clean the pumpkin. Scratch a Moon Cat image. Cut the unwanted pieces following the stencil. Put a candle on the bottom of the pumpkin and light it.

Pumpkin Design
Pick up a pumpkin or a squash. Carve a desired pattern on a skin using a vegetable engraver.

Watch How-To video about Halloween pumpkin design


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