Golden 50. Watermelon Carving Display For 50th Anniversary

>>  11/30/2013

golden 50 fruit display
'Golden 50' fruit carving display

The fruit display is made for 50 years anniversary. The inscription in watermelon says 'Golden 50'.

This is a 3rd fruit display I make for one client, a girl with the Apple Cats.
The 'Golden 50' fruit platter was for her uncle's birthday.

I tryed a new color combination, it's orange, carrot, yellow bell pepper and beet-root.
Hope, this design will become popular. I like it very much.

The most popular design in November 2013 was the "Australian" fruit plate. I carved it 4 times for different clients, with different inscriptions.

fruit carving with oranges
Beautiful yellow and orange color combination


Fruit Carving Display For Pink-And-White Wedding

>>  11/24/2013

fruit carving display for wedding
Hearts and love signs at watermelon

When I work on a carving display I think how it will fit the whole decoration of the event.

At our first meeting with a client I always ask about the idea of a head table decor. I consider any details, a cake, fabric color, a wedding bouquet. And then I can suggest a proper design of fruit display.

This time I worked on Pink-and-White wedding. When I came to the event hall and saw all the beauty I got amazed. My fruit display fit perfectly the head table dressing!

By the way, what do you think of my new roses with wavy petals, carved of beet-root with Kom-Kom knife? I am going to use them for a carving exhibition that we are having at the end of November.

As for the watermelon design, a bride asked to carve some more hearts or signs, or something that could explain their feelings. I suggested to carve these male and female signs. The girl said 'Wow, great, perfect, I love it!'

Just wanted to share this story with you to show how I work :))

small and big U-cutters for the apple carving
Kom-Kom thai knife for the beet-root and daikon roses
Thai knife for the watermelon carving

beautiful flowers carved of vegetable for wedding bouquet
Beet-root roses wit wavy petals, apple carving and pinl daikon roses

wedding head table decoration with fruits
the head table decoration for the Pink-and-White wedding

how to decorate wedding with fabrics
the head table decoration


How To Carve And Color Flowers of Vegetables. Carnation and Orchid Flowers

>>  11/09/2013

This small carving bouquet  in the photo is made with materials, which left after the "Australian" fruit display.
It's a simple bouquet arranged in martini glass, with carnation and orchid flowers carved of daikon radish. 

Today's post is about carving and coloring vegetable flowers.

How to color vegetable carving flowers

Liquid food colorings are perfect for carving needs. 10-15 drops are enough to 300 ml of water.
Add more coloring drops when you want to have your flowers brighter.

In 10 minutes remove your flowers on to a paper towel. Let them dry for a while (about 10 minutes).

You are done. Now you can use the colored flowers for arranging a display.

how to carve and color flowers of vegetable
How to color flowers carved of vegetables

Simple technique of carving Orchids of vegetables

In my fruit carving job I use this quick technique to make branches of orchid flowers named Phalaenopsis. 

You will need:
a piece of daikon
a radish

1. Peel daikon and cut sides in angle to a point. 
2. Carve a simple flower as shown in the picture.
3. Correct  petals with a knife.
4. Color the flower in green.
5. Carve a rose of radish and pick together the green flower and the rose with a toothpick.

how to carve orghid of daikon

how to carve orchid of daikon
Simple method of carving orchid of vegetable

use liquid food coloring
Color flowers of dailon in green

I like arranging these simple flowers in branches of orchids:

vegetable and fruit carving ikebana
branches of orchid flowers arranged in an edible ikebana

How to carve carnation of vegetable.
Alternative method

I know two methods of carving carnation flower of vegetables. 

A famous one can be learned by watching the tutorial Thai Vegetable and Fruit Carving Book and VCD Multimedia, Original from Thailand

The other method of carving carnation was demonstrated by Thai chef, Mr.Chat Kunsri, at Carving Contest 2011 in Tokyo. The Chef did the flower in watermelon. See the pictures from his demo How To Carve Carnation In Watermelon

vegetable flowers carving instruction
Carnation of daikon, carved by the Chef's method, and colored after.

vegetable carving tutorial
Colored flowers in a fruit carving arrangement


Fruit Carving Display From Australian Customer

>>  11/03/2013

Few days ago I got a call from Australia.

A Russian family from Applecross, Western Australia, would love to send a birthday fruit arrangement to their relative who lives on Sakhalin in my home town. 

Today the birthday guy was given with the fruit present and greetings. 

Here are photographs of the display.

birthday fruit carving arrangement
Birthday fruit carving display
watermelon, apples, kiwi, grapes, plums, mandarins, phisalys

Vegetable carving flowers:
carrot, daikon. radish

Thai knife for watermelon carving
UV-knives for apple garnish and flowers

In my next post I will show how to carve the flowers and color them.

fruit and vegetable carving arrangement
Vegetable carving flowers and fruit plate

watermelon carving arrangement and fruit plate
Back side of the display


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