New Year Tree With Fruits

>>  12/30/2013

fruit christmas tree
New Year trees with fruits

This is my last work in the passing 2013 year. Sale of New Year trees, all made of fruits, of couse ;)

Happy New Year!


New Year Fruit Garnishes for Cocktails

>>  12/25/2013

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Wish you to have wonderful holidays. 

Try these easy fruit carving garnishes for cocktails and drinks.

Christmas Tree and Horseshoes of apples 
for good luck.

new year tree apple carving garnish for drinks
Christmas trees of apple to decorate your drinks

Tools for Christmas Tree garnish:
Crincle cutter for the tree shape
U-knife for garlands

new year fruit decoration for drinks
how to make new year tree garnish of apple

how to carve apples
horseshoes of apple for good luck
Tools for the Horseshoe garnish:
thai knife

how-to cocktail garrnish of apple
how to make Horseshoe garnish of apple


Christmas Fruit Garnishes

>>  12/20/2013

Today I was invited to Sakhalin TV to show how to make a Christmas fruit decoration.

I explaned how to make a fruit bouquet and a mini fruit garnish for drinks, using simple cut methods.

The class was taken at "Chocolate" cafe, a cozy place with warm interior and tasty coffee&handmade sweets.

christmas fruit decorations
a cameraman at work

The TV show will be on air later. But I prepared a photo tutorial for my blog on making a mini fruit garnish for cocktails. You can read it right now by scrolling the page down! :))

You can also watch the last year Christams TV show, where I explained how to do a Christmas tree of fruit and sweets. Though it's in Russian,  I am sure you will get the method.

christmas fruit garnish
watch the last year TV show "Christams Tree of Fruits and Sweets"

Christmas Fruit Garnish

cocktail fruit decoration
mini fruit garnish for Christmas drinks

You will need:
small mandarin
red apple

Martini glass

paring knife, scissors, toothpicks.

Instruction (click the images to enlarge):
1. Cut a small mandarin in half
2. Gently separate the skin of the flesh and turn the skin inside out.
3. Don't worry about the broken skin. Just cut off the damaged parts or make a zigzag cut with scissors.
4. You will get a nice mandarin star.
5. Cut 4 thin slices of the red apple.
6. Insert a toothpick into the slices to attache all sclices together. Make a fan of them.
7. Pin the mandarin star on the top and insert other toothpick close to the first toothpick to secure the fruit garnish. Use the gap between the toothpicks to set the garnish on the glass.

Pin a small grape or a berry on to the final garnish to hide a sharp tip of the toothpick.
This fruit garnish perfectly fits a martini glass.

Step-by-step photos

step 1

christmas fruit garnish
steps 2-4 how to do fruit garnish
fruit garnish for cocktail
steps 5-7 how to do Christmas fruit garnish
fruit garnish for cocktails martini glass
The fruit decoratin perfectly fits a Martini glass. 

Check out more Christmas and New Year fruit displays and decorations

More fruit garnish ideas for drinks and cocktails here


Fruit Mosaic Technique. Olimpic Symbol and Logo

The fruit displays were done for Christmas party of Midglen Logistics Sakhalin company.

I was asked to create a fruit buffet in olympic theme. The design should also express a corporate spirit.
So I suggested the olimpic symbol for a big fruit platter and company logo for watermelon carving design.

I used a mosaic technique for the olympic platter and a big fruit medal with logo image.

No special tools required.

olympic fruit carving
Olympic fruit platter, mosaic technique

logo carving in fruits
Company logo in watermelon and in fruit medal.
Chocolate fountains have come later.

midglen logistics logo
The company logo

the hall


Sakhalin is under snow again

>>  12/16/2013

a statute under snow

Sakhalin island is snowing again. And again, I work.

The last weekend we had a snowstorm. I have written before that I work in any weather.
This time I was engaged for two days with fruit carving decorating.

I will post the fruit display in my next article. Today I'd like to share photos I took while walking to work.

the alley I usually walk. No path today.

"Color and Shadow",
a photo exhibition in the museum

Christmas sale, a market

the alley looks like a forest

I like walking the alley in evenings, it's a beautiful place.
The last picture is my painting

my painting


Carving Art Exhibition 2013

>>  12/10/2013

In the end of November my sudio took a part in a big food event. Within Sakhalin Food Show-2013 we had a fruit carving exhibition, there my students and I presented our art.

At the food show we met colleaugues from Carving Academy (Moscow).

I am happy to share with you pictures of my team and our works.

carving art exhibition
Our flower corner

fruit carving bouquet
Watermelon. melon and pumpkin, work of mine

fruit carving art
Vegetable carving bouquet arranged in my Ikebana vase,
work of mine

our team sakhalin island
My team and a person from Carving Academy

watermelon carving bouquet
Watermelon carving, made by my Irina, a student of mine

Bell pepper bouquet, made by Olga, my student and client

Me, Olga and Claudia

Pumpkin vase, made by Olga, my other student

Vegetable bouquet in a pumpkin vase, made by Claudia.

Olga (author of the pumpkin vase) posing for the local news page


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