Vintage Design in Watermelon

>>  8/20/2012

This heart design in watermelon reminds old-fashioned wedding cards. Just imagine a pair of cupids playing around the watermelon for the complete picture. Oh, this is a great idea! I will try to carve angels next time ;)

There are a rose wreath on the watermelon top and my favorite apple carvings. Roses are carved of beet-root. 

Thai knife  for carving roses in watermelon and apple carvings
Knife for removing watermelon skin
U-shape knife for the watermelon edge

vintage wedding watermelon fruit display
Watermelon carving with vintage heart design

fruit decoration design vintage style
Vintage styled fruit display

Today I tryed on a new hairdress with complicated braids. I made a picture series on a mobile phone. I am looking here like my grandma early in life :)


Wedding Fruit Display for Chocolate Fountain Buffet at Plaza Restaurant

>>  8/14/2012

I used one of my old watermelon designs to present a fruit display for a chocolate fountain buffet. You can't see a chocolate fountain on the picture, it came later.

That day a bride's family came early to the restaurant to check up how things were going on. A bride's brother (a 10 years old boy) came to me while I was working on the display. I really love how children react  our edible art. They don't hide their astonishment and joy. He investigated all the things about the fruit display and what it was made of. And when he would be allowed to eat it. 

Apart from my display there were other interesting things at the restaurant hall. A barmen was building a champagne tower (champagne pyramid), a lady was decorating with a baloon heart. But the fruit sculpture attracted him the most. He took my business cards and distributed it in coming guests saying "Look at the watermelon, the swans are made from daikon and the flowers are from bell peppers".
I got a perfect advertizing campaign that day! 

Here are the photographs of the wedding decorations:

wedding fruit display
Fruit carving display for a chocolate fountain buffet

wedding fruit carving display vegetable decor
Daikon swans and bell pepper flowers

vegetable carving flowers wedding display
Kohlrabi roses
Watermelon, all flowers and apples are carved with a thai knife.

apple garnish
apple carving

wedding fruit carving in apples
apple carving

wedding baloon heart
Baloon heart

heart wedding cake
Wedding cake in a heart shape

champagne pyramid
Champagne tower (pyramid)


Football Watermelon Carving

>>  8/04/2012

A fun watermelon carving made at weekends.  A soccer ball (or a football) in a watermelon was my dream over years. Some times ago I tryed this idea in apple and failed. That time I got confused with the cells and broken the design. 

If you are going to carve a football watwermelon one day mind the fiollowing tips:
  • watermelon shape to be ideally round
  • a football consists of 32 cells. 12 black cells and 20 white cells.
  • black cells are pentagans, white cells are hexagons.

soccer watermelon carving
Footbal watermelon and apples

watermelon football carving
Edible prize. This could be a sport theme fruit arrangement

I couldn't resist making a few photos with the football/soccer watermelon. Posing with it was enjoyable :)

I sent the Football Watermelon to the Watermelon Carving Contest 2012 (vote here).

Like this watermelon project? Check up other wateremlon carvings of mine.


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