Panda Apple Sculpture

>>  9/02/2013

When you want to make someone smile ask me for a cute fruit sculpture. This is what I offer to my clients. I offer joy. 

This Panda apple sculpture was created for a woman, an owner of a pet shop. She got to a hospital, and her business partner asked me for a nice fruit platter to cheer her up. In order to make the fruit platter special I suggested an apple panda  as a platter decoration because the name of the pet shop was Panda. The shop also uses panda image for a logo. 

The fruit Panda is completely made of apples. I know what you think. Who dares to eat it? No needs to eat the Panda. There are lot of tasty fruits on the platter. The Panda is a decoration though it is entirely edible together with the green apples it sits on.

You will learn how to do the apple Panda from my PDF tutorial "Cute Fruit Sculptures For Children"

panda apple carving
Apple Panda

fruit carving panda and fruit platter
Fruit platter with the Panda apple sculpture

eBook "Cute Fruit Sculptires For Children"

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Radhika September 15, 2013 at 1:41 AM  

lovely apple panda...Thanks for sharing..

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