Floral Exhibition, Sakhalin island, April 2011 - Ikebana

>>  4/26/2011

Flowers of Sakhalin 2011, the 4th International Festival of Floristics and Ikebana art has been taken in April 2011 in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.

Florists and Ikebana masters from Russia's Far East and Hokkaido, Japan joined together to make the festival dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Yury Gagarin's flight into space. 

There were several sections of the festival:
Ikebana Sogetsu exhibition 
Floristic contest
Green Eco-Fashion Show 

I took a part into Ikebana exhibition with my Carving and Ikebana project called "Reflection".
Ikebana with fruit and vegetables is called Morimono.

morimono ikebana sakhalin
Ikebana with plants and watermelon (Morimono)

morimono ikebana
The reflection: watermelon and chinese cabbage

In the next post I will write about a costume I have made for the Eco-Fashion Show.


Fruit Cornucopia (Fruit Horn Of Plenty) - New Buffet Display

>>  4/23/2011

It's Cornucopia again. New fruit buffet display was made for the female 50th birthday anniversary.

Luscious fruits and mini fruit arrangements 
for chocolate fountain

Fruit buffet with Cornucopia fruit holder

Watermelon with floral design for decor

Sweet and tempting fruits 

Fruit buffet:

Cornucopia decoration:
exotic flowers from citrus and apples.

3.5 hours of work total (washing, carving, arranging on the plate)

Peeler, thai knife, carving tools


Restaurant hall decoration

Table decoration in the restaurant


Flower arrangement

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Tall Arrangement With Watermelons

>>  4/19/2011

More arrangements:
Watermelon Fruit Cake. Fruit arrangement for any occasion
Tall fruit carving arrangement for a male birthday reception
Wedding Fruit Displays With Melon

Wedding fruit arrangement with two watermelons and a vegetable bouquet on the top.
The restaurant hall was decorated in red and white colours so the arrangement was created to harmonize the interior and a wedding cake.

Tall vase made from watermelons.
Fruit and vegetable carving for wedding

Vegetable bouquet on the top of the watermelon vase.
Anturium from red pepper and the roses from small green squash

Back side of the watermelon arrangement.
Romantic design carved on the watermelons makes the wedding fruit arrangement

I used the following fruits and vegetable:

One large and one small watermelons for the tall vase,
2 red peppers and a carrot for the anturiums,
2 small green squashes for the roses,
2 chinese cabbage for the chrysanthemum,
1 red apple for the apple carving
1 kilo grapes

3 hours of work

Triangle carving tool set



Fruit Carving Arrangement for 60th Birthday Reception

>>  4/08/2011

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Melon Vase and Fruit Tray (Romantic)
Birthday Watermelon Cake

Just finished the watermelon fruit arrangement for 60th birthday anniversary reception. The arrangement is built of carved watermelon, melon "Gala", grapefruit slices and kiwi zig-zag garnish. Watermelon stands on the small glass vase. There are fruits on the plate around the vase.

Fruit carving arrangement with watermelon, melon, grapefruit and kiwi garnish


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