Ultramarine Theme Wedding

>>  3/20/2014

weddinbg head table decoration with fruits
Fruit display on a blue background

Today I would like to share photographs of the latest wedding event decorated in ultramarine color.

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wedding decoration head table
Head table decoration

blue color wedding decoration
Wedding cake in blue

wedding hall decoration
Wedding hall

wedding decoration


Farm Theme Carving Displays

>>  3/04/2014

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It's a Farm theme today.

There is a bird, a cock and a flower batch in the fruit-n-vegetable farm. The displays were created for a private party. 

The displays look cheery and peaceful so they made me thinking to spend a weekend in a countryside, someday in summer. 

Check out more bird carvings in the blog.

bird made of fruit
A bird with grapefruit, apples and oranges.
No special tools required.
Basic skill level.

farm theme party in fruits
Farm theme party with fruits and vegetable

vegetable carving flowers of bell pepper and carrot
A batch of flowers carved with a thai knife.

fruit and vegetable carving cock image
A rooster made with eggplant, grapefruit, bell pepper for wings and pineapple top for the tail.


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