Simple Apple and Citrus Garnishes For Cocktails

>>  12/31/2009

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Using these fruit decoration you will garnish your drinks for any occasion. I've made them for New Year party. And I can't wait drinking my champagne with the banana dollar garnish ))

Simple Apple and Citrus Garnishes For Him, For Her and For Children

easy apple garnish 

Banana Dollar Garnish - For Him

Cut a babana slice (it's a 'gold coin'). Make the dollar sign from banana skin and fix it with 2 toothpicks. The Banana Dollar is good to beer, cocktail or any alcohol. 

banana dollar garnish

Apple Stars Garnish - For kids

I use cookie cuters to make these apple drink decorations. I love having stars and hearts on my juice. It's easy garnish your kids can do!

easy citrus garnishes

Citrus garnish - For Her

To make the stripy orange&lemon decoration as on the picture above see the step-by-step method. The garnish looks great when use three colors of orange, lemon and lime.


New Year Chocolate Bouquet

>>  12/30/2009

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My new-year-choco display.


Last Minutes Xmas Fruit Decorations. DIY

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Christmas fruit dispalys in last minutes. Quick and easy! Oranges, mandarin, kiwi, apples and some grape.




Christmas Candles Fruit Display

>>  12/24/2009

Christmas food ideas

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Candles imitation from carrot makes charming Xmas fruit dispaly. Fruit tray for Sakhalin Energy party.



Christmas & New Year Presents

>>  12/23/2009

Christmas food ideas

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It's Christmas time and we are offering NY fruit buffet. Chocolate fountain, drinks fountain, sweet candy bouquets and fruit displays at Christmas Presents SakhExpo December 2009. Free Carving Class about Xmas fruit arrangement is inclusive.


Melon Vase & Fruit Tray

>>  11/18/2009

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A special melon vase for a feast.

Melon, apples, grape, kiwi, mandarin, vegetable flowers.

melon carving display



>>  11/15/2009

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A Wonder-Tree (Cuccagna) helps me to decorate table for various occasions. It can be a snack tree to a Beer Party, a haunted tree to Halloween, a new year tree to Christmas and it can be in help to display carvings.

Snack Wonder-Tree got pickles, olives, cheese and sausages.

Easter Wonder-Tree gives anise cracknels and paper flowers.

This tree has got jelly leaves and radish flowers. The green and the red beneath the tree are carved apples.

Candy WonderTree


Nicely Presented Plated Fruits And Chocolate Fountain

>>  11/14/2009

The fruit display with the fruit exotic flower is made for the chocolate fountain presentation. Fruit carving centerpieces on the plate make the ordinary fruits to look nicely.

green apple,
raddish rose garnish

thai knife
V-shape garnish tool

Chocolate fountain with plated fruits:


'The King Of Smiles' Fruit Arrangement For Kids

>>  11/04/2009

The "King Of Smiles" pumpkin lantern makes a great garnish for a fruit arrangement for kids.

The pumpkin emojicon sculpture was created for a teenager boy and was sent to the birthday gathering on behalf of his loving mom. Usually moms are not the wanted persons on the teenager parties, you know ).

I say his mom was a really, really loving mom because she agreed with the my vision for the fruit gift and allowed me to make a lantern out of the pumpkin and to place it in the fruit platter.
So the kids could light the lantern in the evening and have a cool thing to play and fool around in darkness (mean have cool pictures with the pumpkin emojicon).

This is how the "King Of Smiles" has arised in the world. Almost every fruit display of mine has a background story.

Enjoy fruit carving and be free in creating and proposing your vision for fruits!

The King Of Smiles Forever!


More Halloween Pumpkin Lights

>>  10/29/2009

I've been asked to give a pumpkin carving class on a local TV channel today. I went on TV with KingTiger, Butterfly, Moon Cat Pumpkin lights and Pumpkin Vases carved with my new thai knife). TV pick up is over and I am giving pumpkin lights away today and tomorrow.


"Mukimono" The Japanese Method Of Food Garnishing. Cucumber

>>  10/19/2009

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Mukimono is a traditional japanese art of carving vegetables and food garnishing. Some of the japanese garnishes are simple and easy to do and some other methods are intricated. Carrot, daikon or cucumber help to complete a look of a dish when you know a couple of special Mukimono techniques.

Maple and ginko leaves, curlies, marine creature etc.

Original pictures

Mukimono video
- A Special Way Of Cutting Cucumber


How To Make Wedding Watermelon With Heart & Roses Pattern

>>  10/10/2009

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DO IT YOURSELF (DIY) - How To Carve Wedding Watermelon With Heart And Roses Pattern

Enjoy fruit carving art with me and make your own Heart&Roses wedding watermelon using my tutorial. The Heart&Roses design is suitable for wedding and Valentine Day.  For making this pattern you need some carving tools as thai knife and U-knife.

Step 1.
Choose a medium size round watermelon (5-6 kilo). Scratch a heart on a watermelon skin. Use a heart stencil to draw a nice one.

Cut a heart with a thai knife and remove green skin inside the heart silhouette cutting small pieces of skin.

Step 2. Carve a rose inside the heart. Then using a round-shape knife make slots. Cut from the heart edge toward the rose petals keeping the heart line.

Step 3. As far as you done Step 2 cut a bigger heart with a round-shape knife. Insert the knife into the skin to flash. Remove watermelon skin around the heart.

Step 4. At this stage you carve a rose wreath around the green heart.

Step 5. Complete the pattern with a band carved around the roses. The final look of the watermelon makes a fruit stand or a special plate what fixes fruits.
I garnished the Heart&Roses Watermelon with the flowers from raddish, kiwi and apple carving centerpieces. Orange one is a nectarine.


Halloween Pumpkin Design

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You need special tools for making these pumpkins:
Melon Baller
Vegetable Engraver

Pumpkin Vase
Choose a small pumpkin or a pumpkin of medium size. Clean it out and build a pattern by making small holes in the pumpkin. See also how to make Melon Basket.

Moon Cat Pumpkin
Decide on a medium size pumpkin. Cut the top out and clean the pumpkin. Scratch a Moon Cat image. Cut the unwanted pieces following the stencil. Put a candle on the bottom of the pumpkin and light it.

Pumpkin Design
Pick up a pumpkin or a squash. Carve a desired pattern on a skin using a vegetable engraver.

Watch How-To video about Halloween pumpkin design


Fountain Of Love

>>  9/26/2009

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"Fountain of Love" fruit arrangement for a wedding party at MegaPalace Hotel.

Vegetable carving arrangement is made from:
Horse radish,


Sweet Arrangement With Chocolate Eggs

>>  9/12/2009

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Sweet arrangement with chocolate eggs in a shape of red berries and yellow flowers and chocolate bars. Check out how to make chocolate bouquets at home.


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