Fruit and Sweet Towers For Baby Shower

>>  9/14/2013

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I decorated a baby shower with my all-purpose towers of fruits and sweets.

I explained how to make the fruit tower at the article How To Make Fruit Tower For French Wedding. Using this tutorial you will easily make the sweet tower too.

The customer also asked for cornucopia, a special stand for watermelon carving, to decoratre a table with chocolate fountain. On the following photo a fruit platter with cornucopia garnished with cute fruit sculptures apple Panda and orange Teddy Bear.

how to decorate baby shower boy
fruit and sweet towers

baby shower decoration fruit tower
Tower with sweets

teddy bear fruit sculpture and panda apple sculpture
Teddy Bear and Panda made of fruits to decorate the fruit platter

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Kathleen Richardson September 15, 2013 at 5:27 PM  

All the decorations pictured here are so beautiful.

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