Christmas Tree Made With Potatos

>>  12/19/2016

What is this?

christmas tree with vegetable

This is my Christmas tree made for the city Christmas Trees Event.

I used potatos and cocktail straws to build this art object.

Why potatos? Because this is my style.

Got a diploma and a gift certificate to a Spa

I am interviewed by a local media

caring for the tree

"Why potatos? How did you come to this idea?"

"Well, this is my style. I like working with the live materials. A month ago I did some decorating works, and been asked to create something special with using potatos. Then I created the potatos modules and used them for the table flower centerpieces. I thought that the construction units could be a cool idea for building the other objects. So I gave it a try, and here is the Christmas tree."

weird christmas tree

6 hours of work. 6 kilos of potatos. More than 200 straws used.


The 70th Birthday Anniversary

>>  12/08/2016

table fruit display

A large fruit display with a watermelon, lot of fruits and soft fruits.

Made for the 70th birthday party.

More birthday anniversary fruit table displays.

festive fruit tray


Flower Girls On The Fruit Display

>>  12/07/2016

apple flowers

The Flowers Girls have been made of apples to decorate a fruit display at the children party. The smilimg cute faces are carved with a thai knife.

If you want to learn how to create the fruit sculptures of apples and oranges that look cute and nice, you need my tutorial "Cute Fruit Sculptures For Children". That will help you to garnish your fruit trays and party food with the attractive fruit carvings.

cute fruit sculptures

fruit tray children party


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