Plate Food Garnish - Part 1

>>  5/31/2010

Look for easy garnishing:

Today I'll show how to decorate a plate with small garnishes. I made these plates for my fruit carving presentation in the Russian-American Trading Business Center in Sakhalin.

Plate #1: cucumber, tomato, lemon garnish

Plate #2: cucumber garnish and radish garnish.


Disco Super Star - Apple Garnish For Kids and Teens

>>  5/29/2010

More carving stencils here:
Butterfly Stencil
Xena Stencil

Using the stencil cut the Disco Star onto apple skin.



Watermelon Display

>>  5/28/2010

Watermelom carving dispay with orange zig-zag cuts.

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Watermelon  And Flowers Arrangement



Tools For Making Edible Arrangements

>>  5/27/2010

More tools usage:

Candles, roses, golden daisy and callas are all made of vegetables like a carrot, daikon (lobo), cucumber, radish and cabbage.

The most of these things are carved with the peeler-decorator as shown below:

I am working now on the tutorial "10 Awesome Things Made With The Peeler-Decorator". Don't miss it! Follow me on Blogger or subscribe via email to stay updated with the latest news.


Cute Food And Lunch Box Decoration

>>  5/26/2010

Read more kid recipes:
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Picnic Food Garnish

I made a bento, japanese lunch box with cute food.

I have special molds to form onigiri (rice balls) in a shape of stars, bear, rabbit and so on.

Here are some rice balls onigiri decorated with cheese and vegetables.

3D sausage and tomato hearts made easy.

Use cookies cutters and a melon baller to make carrot flowers.

Pack the ingredients into a box and it's done!

 Bento box books on


Wedding Buffet In Santa Resort Hotel

>>  5/25/2010

Read more about wedding buffet fruit:
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One of my dreams is to have a huge plate to display my fruits. This dream came true last weekend. We were asked to arrange chocolate dessert at a wedding party in Santa Resort Hotel. My partner set up a chocolate fountain and I made up a fruit tray with a famous wedding watermelon called "Vase Of Plenty". The vase of plenty is a very popular carving dispaly, it is beloved so much by my clients and by myself :)


Kawaii Fruits #1. Fruit Garnish For Kids. Apple & Orange

>>  5/24/2010


Read more about fruit carving arrangements:
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Hello Kitty Fruit Display

fruit display for children
Cute friuit sculpture for children

Kawaii neh!

The travel to Japan brought a fresh air to my fruit carving design. I started making bento and kawaii fruits. This one came to my mind after viewing postcards with cute japanese animals like this:

Now I am thinking of a series of cute fruits. Will post them as the project moves forward.

Kawaii Fruit #1 describtion:
Name: Baby Bear
1 orange for the head,
2 strawberries for the ears,
1 black grapelet cut in two for the eyes,
1 green grapelet for the nose,
orange cuts for the paws,
1 apple for the cup (see how to make an apple vase).

The cute Baby Bear was presented last weekend when my friend from ikebana class made yearling party for her son.

fruit carving and garnishes for children


New Soap Carving

>>  5/17/2010

Carved soap packed into small boxes. The whole collection of my new soap can be checked out at 


My trip to Japan

>>  5/11/2010

I've just came back from Japan. You are welcome to my Facebook album with pictures from Tokyo, Hakone, Osaka and Kyoto.


My Soap Carving

>>  5/08/2010

More about carving art:

Drink Garnish
Watermelon With Butterfly Pattern
Pumpkin Carving

My first try in soap carving art.

these two soaps are carved in a soap carving class in Moscow under a teacher supervision
(thai knife and soap carving tools)

practising in a soap carving at home

an experimental flower in a soap (thai knife and tools)

the green soap is carved with special tools, the blue soap carved with a thai knife


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