The "Horn Of Plenty" Fruit Tray Exhibition

>>  8/24/2010

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My Fruit trays to present carvings

Remember the Cornucopia fruit tray?  I bought it! Am I happy with the horn? YES I AM )) It's a good purchase, it's looking really great for buffet. There are some pictures from the first time Horn exhibition.


New Edition Of "Heart & Roses" Wedding Watermelon

>>  8/21/2010

Here is a new Heart and Roses watermelon with small hearts around as a border. It's becoming a very popular among my clients. See how to make Heart and Roses wedding watermelon.


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Chocolate Fountain and Fruit Buffet

>>  8/10/2010

My new melon carving design. I added the carrot flowers around the melon. It looks like a bouquet now.

The melon carving arrangement was displayed at the fruit buffet with a chocolate fountain. Catered by Yana Catering.


Romantic Fruit Basket - Wedding Party in Megapalace Hotel

>>  8/09/2010

More wedding buffet watermelons:

25 Years Together
Wedding Buffet In Santa Resort Hotel
Fountain Of Love
Coral Fish And Watermelon Ship - wedding buffet in Olympia Park

Watermelon basket with romantic pattern to the wedding party in Megapalace Hotel, Yuzhno Sity, Sakhalin Isle

Backside view


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