Flavours of Russia Roundup (Weekly Update)

>>  3/28/2012

There is the last week of the Russian Flavours Event March 2012 on my blog.  I am still open to your recipes of russian food. You can send them to me up to the 1st of April 2012 to my email selen15367@yahoo.com or by dropping your link to the comment bar.

Add a russian flavour to your kitchen!

In order to get some ideas of Russian cooking please visit the websites:

Here is a weekly Roundup post with the recipes I have got during March.

Sharlotka (Russian Apple Pie) by Nayna (simply.food)

Buckweat blini (russian pancakes) made by Greensleeves (chezmaximka.blogspot.com)

 A recipe and interesting remarks about russian tastes.

Honey cake with prunes and soured cream by Greensleeves (chezmaximka.blogspot.com)

There are many variations of the russian honey cake. Check up one of them at Greensleeves blog.

 Pirojki made by Nayna (simply.food)

Detailed method on making pirojki with vegetable filling.

Russian Salad by Nayna (simply.food)

A famous russian salad with beetroot, potato and .. check up the recipe!!

 Dried Fruit Kompot by Amy (Food Corner)

Kompot is a drink can be boiled with dried or fresh fruits and berries.
I make kompots with fruit carving leftovers as ananas corers, apple and orange cuts.

Green Pavlova by Helen (fussfreeflavours.com)

Pavlova cake is not a traditional Russian cuisine. But the story of the recipe is connected with Anna Pavlova, a famouse Russian ballet dancer. So I have added the Pavlova cake to the Event :)
A few years ago I made a papper collage of a dancing ballerina. You can see it at my Facebook album.

Piroshki with eggs and onion (a recipe of mine)

Small stuffed pies baked by myself for a weekend.

The recipes are sent to "Flavours of Russia" Event 
originated by simply.food
guest host by Garnishfood Blog


Enigma Soap Carving

>>  3/13/2012

I bought a new soap with a lovely parfume fragrance. Enigma soap has a soft texture and packed into a nice paper box . I have got a great pleasure to carve it. At last I made a clean job with no broken parts.
The design is carved with a thai knife.

See the whole soap carving pieces from the very first items to the last one.

enigma soap for carving

soap carving enigma design


Soap Carving Collection March 2012

>>  3/04/2012

New arrival to soap carving collection. There are soap crafts made for the last exhibition. 
Designed from my mind :) Carved with a thai knife with a thin blade.

how to carve soap

soap carving

how to carve soap

soap carving design


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