Flavours of Russia Event in March 2012

>>  2/29/2012


I am happy to introduce a culinary event that takes you to the jorney around Asian cuisine. The "Flavours of"  event is a series of the different countries recipes wich you can try to cook together with other bloggers.

I am happy to introduce the Event because we are now on our culinary jorney to Russian cuisine in the "Flavours of Series 2 around Asia"! The Event starts on the 1st of March 2012 with ending on the 31st of March.

You are welcome to share your Russian food recipes. I will post them in the Flavours of Russia Event RoundUp page.

You can get some inspiration at the websites: 



Please follow the rules when send your entry to the Event:

·        Multiple entries and Achieved entries allowed if reposted
·        Entries must include links back  to
and the event host Garnishfood blog at  http://garnishfood.blogspot.com/search/label/Events
 ·        Non bloggers can participate by emailing image and recipe.
Use the Event Logo to spread a word.

Please send your entries to my e-mail selen15367@yahoo.com with "Flavours of Russia" in  subject line. Include the following info:
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Attach an image no larger than 300 pixels.

Looking forward to your entries!

So my first contribution to the Event is Piroshki (small pies) stuffed with leek and eggs.

Piroshki with eggs and leek

Piroshki are small pies with vegetable stuff, meet stuff or berries stuff. Some people love to have them baked, other prefer to have them fried. I like the baked one. Piroshki in Russia is a kind of fast food sold everythere. As far as I care for my health and weight :) I do not eat piroshki often (maybe a couple of times a year). But my family folks feel OK about eating such food :)

To make piroshki like the ones on the picture you need:
Yeast dough 1 kg,
10 boiled eggs,
2 batchs of leek.
You will get about 20-30 pies.

Usually I buy yeast dough in a local bakery so I can't give you a good recipe of it. Sorry for the confusion. I hope you are better than me in a dough making process. I just know that you need some milk, some eggs, some yeast, salt and sugar as basic ingredients. (Oh My, I spoiled the event...)

Chop the leek  and salt it. Chop the eggs and mix with the leek.

Cut the dough in small parts and flatten them out. Place some stuff in the center of the round dough piece and wrap it (join the dough edges).

Bake the pies in the oven till the crust goes brown.


The rest of the ingredients
The recipe is sent to "Flavours of Russia" Event 
originated by simply.food
guest host by Garnishfood Blog


Soap Carving Souvenir. Three New Designs

>>  2/25/2012

Tomorrow I will participate in CRAZY HAND MADE exhibition. I made the soap carving souvenirs for sell. More soap pieces are coming up soon.
I am having a wide programme tomorrow which is a fruit carving presentation, food garnish demo and tools demonstration. I hope to have many visitors at my desk :)



Hello Kitty Fruit Display For Baby Shower

>>  2/18/2012

I made the Kitty fruit display for a baby shower party that was on the 14th of February. I combined the both ideas for Valentine and baby shower in the fruit platter. The fruit platter went with a chocolate fountain that day. 
It took me about 1 hour and half to cut and arrange all the fruits on the plate.


thai knife with a thin blade and U-shape cutter for watermelon design,
peeler for the orange skin roses,
fruit knives for cutting fruits.


Feng Shui Apple

>>  2/10/2012

Feng Shui design on apple. 

Have you ever asked for a personal Feng Shui consultation?

I have found a Feng Shui consultant in my city and ask her to make an analysis. She basically consults on  classical Feng Shui, Ba Zi (a life-path, incluiding relations (family, partners, kids), business (career, profession, finances) and Ba Zi of children). The lady also makes a "lucky date" forecast for a deal or an action.

I have always been interested in a personalized analysis. So I decided to get one. Will receive it next week. It will be a verbal report during our meeting. Private meeting allows to ask questions, discuss the details and interpret the things better. 

While my consultant makes tables and charts I have got an inspiration to carve a Feng Shui apple. 
There are the apple with my tarot cards and my medallion on the photograph.
Carving tool: a thin thai knife.

Fenh Shui apple, my tarot cards and a medallion


Valentine's Day Food Ideas

>>  2/05/2012


One-Bite Pizza. Valentine Day's Treat

>>  2/02/2012

I've got an idea to make a mini valentine pizza in my silicone mold (check up my previous post about Heart Cakes).
That was an enjoyable and quick baking. The mini pizzas were so cute. We ate them all! Here is a recipe of the one-bite Valentine snack.

Valentine's Day recipe. Mini Heart Pizza
baked in a Lekue heart silicone mold

Take a small piece of dough and expand it to the mold with your fingers. 

apply dough to the cells

Add your favorite filling. Mine was tomato, olives, salami and cheese.
Bake it for 15-20 minutes. I've done 3 molds like on the picture.

fill the cells with the ingredients

I use different silicone products by Lekue company. My next purchase will be a mold for 3D chocolates.

3D chocolates

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