How To Vote At My Conest Video Page

>>  4/30/2012

My friends ask me how to vote for my contest video at Zooppa page.
There is a screenshot of the video page.

You need to do the following things:
1. Go to http:// zooppa. com/ads/samsung-global-blogger-on-zooppa/videos/garnishfood-blogger-about-the-olympics to watch the video.
2.There is a bar on the right of the video (I marked it with a red arrow on the screenshot). Click that and log in with a password or your Facebook account.
3. When you are logged in you will see a rating bar on the right of the video. Choose 5 and you are done! :)

Your comments are encouraging and so important to me!

Thanks for your support!


Make You Food Sportish While The Olympics 2012 In London

>>  4/27/2012

Dear friends!

I was invited to participate in Samsung Global Blogger contest as a russian blogger. They are looking for a passionate blogger to report on the Olympics 2012 in his own unique manner.

I made a short video in my garnishfood style :) You can watch it at the contest page. If I win and go to London I will make reports on food, people, the games and other things that my camera will be focused on.
 I have a chance to meet you, my Facebook&blogger friends from Britain in real for talking and carving!
If you fancy the idea please watch my video and vote me!
In order to vote the video you are requested to sign up.


Easter Dinner

>>  4/17/2012

You might  heard that Russian Easter was celebrated on the 15th of April, the last Sunday. I have posted some pictures of our Easter food at my Facebook page. Today I'd like to give more details about it.

The main Easter food in Russia is Kulich or Easter cake. Kulich is a pastry with raisins. The cake on the picture below is not my baking. I bought it at a shop. Mine was the decorative part. Several months ago I purchased a special plate to display Easter food. The plate has cells for eggs which help to arrange them nicely around the plate. I have a few ideas of using this plate in a routine life. 
By the way have you seen my Food Wonder Tree? :))

Kulich and easter eggs

Roasted chicken garnished with carrot flowers. I used a carrot curler to do the flowers.

Apply some salt and spicies onto a chicken skin and inside the chicken and leave for 2-3 hours. Set a chicken in a roaster and bake in a middle fire for 2 hours.

I recieved a photo from my friends with thier Esater cooking. They had a lot of baking (click the photo for a closer look):


Edible Easter Crafts At Primary School

>>  4/14/2012

I have been asked for a carving lesson at a primary school for 8-9 years old children. 
In order to make the lesson interesting I made a short presentation about carving art with pictures and live demonstration on how to create funny edible crafts. After that we made fruit easter bunnies together with kids.  I found the fruit bunny recipe easy for kids. Even 5 years old children can do it with a little help of adults. 

It was a fun and interactive lesson. I think the photographs of the lesson show how happy all of us were. 

Check up another Easter Bunny out of orange

Fruit carving lesson at a primary school

Together with kids and fruit bunnies


Watermelon Carving Lesson

>>  4/09/2012

The weekend last week I was engaged for a group lesson on watermelon carving. The lesson was held at Claudia's house, a lady that I met at the Crazy Hand Made Exhibition in February. 

That was our second meeting with the group. At the first lesson we carved flowers and garnishes of vegetables. The ladies had been captured by carving art and asked me for a watermelon class. 
Here are the photographs of our carving meeting.

awaitng for the guests

carving process

we carve roses and leaves in watermelons

Marina with her watermelon


Fruit Carving Arrangement For Purple Theme Wedding

>>  4/02/2012

I made this fruit arrangement for a themed wedding decorated in purple color. I decided to use a purple vase to stay connected with the theme. That was a good idea and the tranparent vase fit the interior harmonically.

Choosing a carving pattern was the next challenge for me. I though that the vase should be the main emphasis of the display. So I decided to avoid carving traditional wedding patterns like hearts, birds etc and fixed on  the gorgeous design I saw at Miho Morita website, my soap carving teacher in Tokyo.

In my point of view purple color is difficult for fruit display. I mean there are no fruits in purple color (apart of grape and plums which are more black than purple). So I was satisfied with the vase idea. That was looking great in real and in photographs too.


Pumpkin Snowmen Update

>>  4/01/2012

I have news about my Pumpkin Snowmen.
I loved to say that my snowmen were alive because they had been made of natural materials. Now I confim my words by showing you the photographs. You see that the snowmen made new snowmen :) The pumpkins gave  birth to new pumpkins. The seeds sprang in the warm and wet environment inside the pumpkin. I think that is beautiful!

I extrated the seed and planted them into a plastic box. I hope they will survive untill June then I can move the plants to the garden. It is still winter here in Sakhalin. It is snowing and cold up to May. Usually it gets warmer by June.
I wish to have the pumpkin babies for my next pumpkin projects!


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