Totoro Watermelon Carving

>>  9/08/2013

My Neighbor Totoro (Tonari no Totoro), a popular animated family film, is a theme of the fruit display today.  

The Totoro watermelon and fruit platter are made for 10 years birthday party of a girl Diana. The display became a surprise for the girl and her guests. 

There are the film's characters made in fruits at the display. Totoro carved in watermelon, Mei carved in apples and Black Soots made of plums. 

totoro fruit display for kids
Totoro watermelon and Mei apple sculpture

black soots edible arrangement
Black soots made of plums  running on apple leaves path
totoro mei fruit carving sculpture
The whole fruit display in Totoro theme
When you carve apples remember to spray the white details with lemon juice. Use the citrus sprayer for this. 

totoro edible garnish
Diana and her brother playing with Totoro watermelon

I wanted to make Catbus as a sweet bonus, but had no time for that... Maybe next time :)

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