My classes

I do various fruit carving activities. There are paid lessons, fruit and vegetable carving presentations for children and adults (at schools, libraries, exhibitions etc), live demonstrations and free lessons at exhibition spots.

At this page I am sharing some pictures from my classes and themed demonstrations of different years.

At primary school with 8-9 years old kids and the fruit bunnies

Watermelon carving class

At a carving demo

Visitors at work

learn fruit carving
posing with orange decoration

learn how to carve watermelon
Watermelon carving class

learn fruit carving for free
free carving class at exhibition

Setting the totem up: Melon bird and pumpkin lights

Fruit and vegetable carving lesson

Having fun with carving centerpices

Having fun at the class
Girls carving thier names in watermelons

3 hours later

free vegetable carving demonstration at the New Year themed exhibition
The Penguin Family made by the demo visitors
Live demo at CityMall market
Carving presentation and a free lesson at a summer school

Kids making edible garnishes
Free carving demo at CityMall food court.
A girl making a drink garnish
Learning how to make edible garnishes
Fruit and vegetable carving lesson at a culinary college

Carving class

At school with teachers
Carving lesson in  Love Story Cafe


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