Sausage Bouquet in the Pumpkin Frame

>>  7/10/2012

snack arrangement in a pumpkin frame
Sausage bouquet and baked garlic

First time I saw a sausage bouquet at A Mouse On The Table (Visual Food) blog by Rita Loccisano. The bouquet seemed to me a great idea of snack serving. Truly Rita's blog is full of smart food ideas. 
I added some carving work to Rita's bouquet and it turned into the sausage bouquet framed in pumpkin

You need:
a pumpkin of medium size,
sprouting onion.

paring knife,
toothpicks and bamboo skewers

Pumpkin, sausages and onion

snack bouquet how to do
Cut the punpkin in parts.  One part for a base and a central part for a frame. 

Take a central part and remove a pumpkin meat . This is a frame.

Decorate it with U or V shape knife.

Decorate a pumpkin base (it's optional)

now set the frame on the base and fix them using toothpicks

fix with toothpicks

Set sausages in bamboo skewers. Looks like a reed, does'n it? 

and arrange the sausages in the pumpkin ring.

vegetable snack bouquet
Add some green onion. Small tomatos made the final look.

While writing this article I got an idea. If you carve a frog out of green bell pepper and set it on the pumpkin base the reed bouquet will get a completely naturalistic look.

By the way, using salt bread sticks instead of wooden skewers let you make the sausage bouquet absolutely edible!

Salted bread sticks

Edible sausage reed

Use the pumpkin frame for making vegetable bouquets like on the picture below:

vegetable bouquet how to do


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