Birthday Fruit Display For 10 Year Girl With A Vegetable Parrot Sculpture

>>  5/31/2013

happy birthday fruit display with garnishes
Fruit display for 10 year old girl's birthday party

Fruit display with a carved watermelon and small parrots carved out of daikon.

This display was sent to a birthday party of 10 year old girl. Her mother asked me for a pair of vegetable parrot sculptures to garnish the watermelon. I think the girl keeps some real birds at home.

Watermelon 2.5 kg with 'Happy Birthday' inscription (in Russian)
Flowers carved out of daikon, green bell pepper and carrot
Parrots out of daikon

Fruit plate:
black and green grape,
Minneola madarines,
Bird cherry,
red apple

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fruit garnish made in apple and kiwi
Fruit garnish details, exotic flower (kiwi and red apple)

happy birthday watermelon carving
'Happy Birthday' inscription (in Russian) in the watermelon

birthday fruit carving display
The whole look of the fruit display
with fruit and vegetablecarving decoration


Watermelon Carving, Ballroom Dance Theme

>>  5/19/2013

The dancing pair design is carved in 3.5 kg watermelon. Did it today for a ballroom dance competition.

The watermelon was small, so I was very concentrated on carving the details of the design.
 I managed to do that with a help of my thai knife which has a thin blade with a sharp tip.

watermelon carving pattern
Ball dancing design carved in watermelon

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Miniature Carrot Flowers

>>  5/14/2013

Flowers carved out of carrot.
Carved with a thai knife
The miniature flowers were carved for no purpose, just for practice. I think they can make a nice garnishe for a salad.

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carrot carving flowers
Miniature carrot flowers

carrot garnish
Carrot flowers are good for salad garnishing

flower carved of carrot
Carved with a thai knife


Cute Food Ideas with Flower Cookie Cutters

>>  5/10/2013

Before Easter I went to exhibition with some carving and cute food ideas. 

At the demonstration I showed my new cookie cutters in a shape of flowers. I love to use them for baking. On the picture you see sweet 'Flowers' tarts, 'Pyramid' sandwiches and mini pizza (tomato, salami and hot pepper). The Lemon Chicken was also a part of my class, it's very easy and quick garnish.

cute food ideas
Mini pizza, Pyramid sandwiches and sweet Flowers tarts
Easter chicken made of a lemon with a red pepper and carrot details.

easter food
3D chocolate eggs in gift boxes

food garnish out of lemon
Easter Chicken from a lemon for the plate garnish

food carving ideas
Food and carving display against Triangle tools banner

Flowers tarts

Flowers tarts made with the Flower cookie cutters.

flower coockie cutters
Join the two parts together to make the tart

flower tarts
tarts with blueberry


Russian Easter, Kulich and Samovar

>>  5/07/2013

5th of May we celebrated Easter in Russia. 

I had few ideas of Easter table decoration and stopped at traditional one, with no extraordinary carving :) 
I baked Kulich, a russian easter cake (to my surprise I succeeded,  it was very tasty, believe me!). To add "more traditions" to the party I unpacked my grandma's samovar. 

When I was a child, every summer I had been sent to my grandmother for summer holidays. Some things I loved about her house were her cute dog and a samovar (we had no pets and no samovar in our city appartment). 
We still keep that samovar stored in a board, almost forgotten. So I found it, cleaned and set on the table.

Easter baking (Kulich) and samovar

Recipe of Kulich was taken from "Recipes of Russian Cuisine" blog by Angelica, a Russian lady blogging from Italy. I've never myself baked Kulich before. This recipe is perfect, I made it easily. The recipe ingredients were enough for 3 cakes. 
We left one cake at home, the others were for gifts.

traditional shape of Kulich

Kulich baked in Lekue Pumpkin silicone mold

Russian Kulich baked in Lekue Imperial Monarch silicone mold,
garnished with carved apple
Russian Easter treats and games are Kulich and eggs exchange, eggs fights, making silly faces in the samovar (not sure it's a tradition :)) we did it when were children).

drinking tea with the samovar


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