Vegetable Plate And a Pair Of Carved Birds. Using Cucumber Garnishes

>>  7/24/2010

Vegetable parrot birds and vegetable plate presentation for a wedding party (Gagarin Restaurant). For this vegetable display I used samurai cucumber garnish, thai lotus garnish from cucumber, lilly form carrot and simple flowers cut out from a beetroot.

Japanese radish,
cucumber (Mukimono cut method)

Weddings in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, Sakhalin Island, Russia


Summer Wedding Decoration Idea - Wedding On The Beach

>>  7/23/2010

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Hawaiian Wedding Fruit Buffet
Beach Wedding Fruit Display
Sea Theme Wedding
Melon Fish and Sea Treasure fruit display

I just back from visiting a Flower Art Contest in my hometown. A florist friend of mine took a part with the Beach themed wedding floral installation.

Shells, sea rocks, drift woods and a starfish look so nice between the succulent plants and dishes. 

Wedding table. Seaside theme decoration
Wedding table decor
Wedding on the beach


Cornucopia Fruit Tray

>>  7/20/2010

More articles about decorative fruit trays:
I have been offered to purchase a fruit tray in a shape of the horn of plenty. So I could present fruits and my carvings nicely. Now I am thinking if it meets my needs. The Cornucopia is made of plastics and the picture below shows how big it is. But... I am not positive about its tranportability .. 

I would be thankful to my readers if you write your impression about the Cornucopia.
Would you like to have it at your party?


RSPCA - Simon's Sister's Dog 'Fed Up'

>>  7/05/2010


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