Lavender Soap Carving

>>  7/27/2016

soap carvings 2016

Lavender soap with the pink roses. My new soap making technique brings me lot of fun and a space for experiments.
Made with a help of my favorite soap carving tools.

lavender soap carving


Watermelon Basket With Fruits And Apple Carvings

>>  7/21/2016

watermelon basket

The watermelon basket and the apples were made for Taisia, a 5 year old girl, to her birthday party.

The watermelon basket is filled with grapes, mandarins, kiwi, and decorated with apple flowers. There are flowers of zig-zag cut oranges around the basket.

And none of my displays go without carved apples. Here are cute characters of Disney world.

apple decorations

apple garnish fruit display


Soap Flower Carving

>>  7/20/2016

Brand new soap carving designs with colorful rose flowers.

All details are caved with a thai knife.

new soap carving designs 2016
Soap flower carving

soap flowers carving

carve flowers of soap
soap hand made
Soap carving gifts



3 Watermelon Displays With Good Wishes

>>  7/19/2016

fruit displays 60th birthday anniversary
Good luck wishes

watermelon carving


Messages on watermelons.
 3 fruit displays designed for the 60th anniversary.
fruit art


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