Easy Fruit Garnishes - Apple Boat

>>  8/13/2017

easy fruit carving lesson
Apple boat - easy fruit carving lesson

Fruit carving video today!

An amazing apple boat, a super easy fruit garnish you or your child can do too.

This apple boat is the most popular fruit garnish I show at my fruit carving demos. It is a quick and easy super hit.

You need the following fruits and tools:

Orange skin
Toothpicks and a wooden skewer
Paring knife
Small size melon baller


Baby Pumpkin Carving - Practice Of Unconscious Creating

>>  8/08/2017

art of food carving
An apple size baby pumpkin

I am in love with the baby fruits and vegetables. Couldn't miss this cutie when I saw it at a farmer maket. It just is an apple size baby pumpkin.

I let my head to be free of any concepts, and allowed my hand to carve a pattern with having no idea what the finished design would be. I like to do this exercise of uncounscious creating.

What is your favorite exercise for creating?

Do you make a practise of unconscious creating?

Do you think that following a plan gives a better result?

food photo pumpkin

food photographing
Do you practise unconscious creating?


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