Rosebush Candy Bouquet

>>  1/21/2011

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Paper flowers in the rosebush candy bouquet

Rosebush candy arrangement

Paper flowers

Buttterfly on the stem
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Simple Orange Garnishes For Children' Drinks

>>  1/07/2011

2 Easy Ways to garnish drinks with orange

Baby Orange drink garnish

Cute orange garnish with ears  ^_^

How-To: a slice of orange and one small orange for ears. A toothpick to fix the details.

Lolly Pop Orange Garnish

Pic 1

Pic 2: How-To: Take off a strip of orange and roll it into the lolly pop shape. Fix it with a toothpick
Pic 3: Top the garnish on the glass (pic 1) or place one end  in to the bottom (pic 3)

Tip: use the eye on your peeler to make an orange strip

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Dotted Apple, Stripy Fruit. Apple Garnishes For Kids

>>  1/03/2011

This carving tool does not look like a knife, but this is a knife. This is one of my favorite tools. It is easy to use and friendly to kids. There are a tone of garnishes you can make using a small melon baller. The main usage is to cut bowls out of melon that looks great in a watermelon basket. And there are many cases to apply this knife to apples, carrots, cucumber and so on.

Let's swap dots and slices.


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