Soap Carving

soap carving art
Thai soap carving design

If you started carving vegetables and fruits you will want to try soap carving for sure!

What I like about soap carving crafts is their long life :) You can enjoy your soap carving works for a longer period than a fruit or vegetable carving pieces.

Sometimes I practice new designs in soap bars before carving them in a watermelon. 

For making soap carving crafts you will need:
  • Soft soap. You will not be able to carve a hard soap. Your design will be broken.
  • Knife. For carving a soap you have to choose a good thai knife. The knife should have a long and thin blade with a sharp tip. I started my soap carving experience with Triangle thai knife. Now I like carving with a Thai knife from Thailand.
                                                             Loop tools for soap sculpting
  • Additional tools. If you have a carving tool box try them in a soap bar. I am sure you will learn more about your knives. From time to time I discover new capability of  my tools. They inspire me for new ideas.
  • Books and tutorials about soap carving.  Soap Carving - Fragrance Flower And Sweets by Miho Morita.


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