Melon And Pomelo Carving For Wedding

>>  2/22/2014

This is today's wedding display with a melon and pomelo carving.

Thai knife for the melon and pomelo carving.
Kiwi knife for frangipany flowers and the roses with curved petals.
Special tool set for the apple carving

melon and pamelo carving
Melon and pomelo carving display at the head table

fruit platter
Fruit platter 
My new pattern in melon:

pattern for melon carving
Melon carving

wedding fruit design
The display together with the fruit platter 


Winter Sports In Fruits. Olympics 2014

>>  2/21/2014

It's Sport theme again.

Fruit platter with Olympic symbol and sculptures of a figure skater a snowboard rider, inspired by logos of winter sports. The sculptures have small detail, that made the white figures look intresting.

I made this display today for a sport theme party.

In my point of view, snowboard and figure skating are the most exciting sport shows. 
Other reason why I chose those sports for my display is that I myself tried them. I did skating and skiing a lot when I was a schoolgirl. 
Now I prefer swimming and yoga. And I am learning a dance of Shiva at my yoga class these days.

What is your favorite winter sport? Do you watch the Olympics 2014 from Sochi?
Recently there are lot of snow around the world. This is a good oportunity to start a winter sport for pleasure!

olympic fruit carving
fruit platter with Olympic symbols

snowboard rider fruit sculpture
Snowboard rider, sport theme fruit carving

sport theme fruit sculptures
Figure skater, fruit carving sculptures


Chip-n-Dale Fruit Idea

>>  2/02/2014

Chip and Dale theme idea
Chip-n-Dale fruti idea

Chip and Dale, the famous Disney's characters, jumped into a fruit tray. 

This is my latest project made for 1 year bithday of a boy named Artiom (or Tyomka for short). This Chip-n-Dale fruit display is a perfect idea for baby shower as well. 

There are fruit sculptures of Chip and Dale playing football (soccer) in a fruit football field. The fly Zipper sits on a watermelon and watches the game.

Chip-n-Dale Baby Shower idea
Zipper made of green apples sitting on watermelon

The scultures of Chip, Dale and Zipper are made of apples. 
Chip is wearing Indiana Jones hat made of pumpkin.
Dale is wearing a Hawaiian shirt with carrot flowers.
Zipper the fly is made of small green apples and a carrot.
The football is carved in a small green apple.
Football nets carved of pumpkin.


Loop tools for sculpting the Indiana hat and the football net out of pumpkin.
Thai knife for carving watermelon and the sculpture's details.

chip-b-dale fruit sculpture
Chip-n-Dale the Rescue Rangers fruit sculptures,
Disney theme fruit idea

baby shower fruit idea
Dale in Hawaiian shirt, apple carving for children

soccer football fruit tray
Soccer/football fruti tray

indiana hat in food
Chip made of apples wearing Indiana hat carved of pumpkin

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