Melon Basket With Leaf Pattern

>>  7/15/2009

In my carving class I have a lesson on crarving a leaf from a cucumber using carving tools.
The leaf pattern is built on contrast and can be carved on any dark skin.
I did it in melon, the handle of the melon basket is decorated with the leaf pattern.


Kids Carving Class

>>  7/14/2009

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Kids enjoy making edible creations too. Anastasia is 10 years old. She made an apple swan, a butterfly, leaves from cucumber and carrot, 3D flowers, mashrooms and some easy garnishes. On the pictures Anastasia is demonstrating her carvings.


Vegetable Arrangement at Bamboo Restaurant

>>  7/13/2009

Dotted Apples, Stripy Fruits
Drink Garnishes

My vegetable carving arrangement displayed for Japanese Club anniversary what we celebrated at Bamboo restaurant.


Golden Fish Plated Fruit Arrangement

>>  7/10/2009

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Fruit sculpture and plated fruits for my birthday party (1st of July). Just make a wish on the Golden Fish and it will become true.



How To Garnish Newsletter

>>  7/09/2009

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In this blogpost I want to thank David Bronson and his "How To Garnish" website for presenting me as the member of the month. My carving creations went on 5 top raiting.

If you love food garnishing and fruit carving and if you have pictures of your works sign in the and share your photos and opinion with other members. The website community counts more than 500 members from all the world. Registered members are able to publish their own blogs and recipes with the

I like the usability of the site and I really enjoy communicating people there who 99% are chefs (apart from myself, I am a lover :)


Cucumber Picture

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These cucumber garnishes are made of two easy elements, two types of a "fan" garnish. Place them on the plate edge or on top of salad with a flat surface. I decorate open sandwiches with the cucumber butterflies.


Fruit Round Dance

>>  7/05/2009

fruit plate
fruit plate
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carving fruit platefruit plate
Fruits do fairy dance for you. Enjoy the fruit plate with chocolate fountain in a friend circle.



Culinary Art Every Day

>>  7/01/2009

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I have often been asked by people in my class about using carving centerpieces in a routine life. I am told 'OK, I learned how to make such beautiful things, but how can I use them to garnish food on my plate? On your website I can see a lot of garnishes but without food ideas'.

I absolutely agree with the statement. Food is primary and garnishes are just an accent dedicated to present food nicely.
In this blog I have sections about easy garnishes, drink garnishes and fruit carving arrangements. Read this blog if you want to get idea about daily food decorating and then 'Easy Garnish' is your section. Read this blog if you want to go further and get ideas how to make fruit and vegetable carving arrangements for buffet table and other display exhibitions. Read this blog if you are looking for ideas about family entertaiment and time with kids and then YouTube Video Section could be also in help.

I would be glad to recive your feedback. Feel free to ask and comment.

And back to the topic. I would like to represent you my video "Culinary Art Every Day" with garnishing techniques and nice food pictures.


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