Edible Button. Fun Apple Garnish

>>  10/31/2013

I continiue the series of easy fruit garnishes for drinks.  This edible button of apple is a real fun.

apple button garnish

You will need:
an apple,
an orange,
small U-knife
peeler with eyers

1. Cut a slice of apple with skin
2. Make 4 holes with a small U-knife
3. Carve 2 strips in orange using a peeler eyer
4. Insert the strips into the holes. They are threads imitation
5. Decorate the button's rim
6. Use the button as a fun garnish for drinks and desserts.

fun apple garnish


One-Year-Old Birthday Watermelon Carving With a Bow

>>  10/30/2013

watermelon carving design with a bow

Watermelon carving design with waves and a big bow on top, made for the birthday of 1 year old girl named Darina. Inscription in the watermelon says 'Darina is 1 year old'.

The fruit platter in a shape of heart went to chocolate fountain.


heart friut paltter with watermelon

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Watermelon Carving. Skill Training #2

>>  10/06/2013

yukari design in watrmelon
Watermelon carving by my hand

This watermelon design is originated by japanese carving artist Yukari Tango. 

I saw this design at Facebook, it was reposted by my FB friends.  It captured my attention. I learned it details and tryed to carve in a small watermelon, which I kept for practising. 

Few days later I found a video of Yukari, she carves the same design in it. 

In this post I share the video How to carve this watermelon, and attached a few step-by-step pictures of my watermelon.

Video on the watermelon carving by Yukari Tango

Step-by-step photos and final work of mine

how to carve watermelon video
my work, carved in a watermelon from a local farmer market

how to carve watermelon
Central part of the design


step instruction watermelon carving

step instruction watermelon carving

watermelon carving tutorial

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My soap key to Miho Morita soap carving


Wedding Watermelon Carving. Groom And Bride Design

>>  10/04/2013

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groom and bride watermelon carving
Groom and Bride design

I took some pictures when I was carving this watermelon with Groom and Bride image.

wedding watermelon carving

The whole view of the wedding fruit display at the head table:

fruit carving arrangement for wedding


Soap Key For A Special Lock

>>  10/01/2013

soap carving
Soap key 

This soap key opens a special lock. 

Once chating at Facebook with Miho Morita, my teacher in Japan and the author of the beautiful keyhole soap carving on the picture below, I asked who kept a key of that lock. Miho-sensei suggested me to carve the key for her.

I carved the key out of a white soap bar. Can't wait to check if it fits the hole.

soap carving
Soap keyhole by Miho Morita

Miho Morita writes books about soap carving. One of them, Soap Carving - Fragrance Flower And Sweets, can be ordered at Amazon  USA.


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