Cookies Parade

>>  7/25/2011

Simple cookie with fruit candy. Enjoyable art 

Fruit candy (we call it maramlade in Russia)
Mini merengue
Jam (to 'glue' the candy parts)

Too many sweets?

the ingredients

the sectors build a sun

Sun cookie

Zig Zag cuts build ornaments and butterfly's wings

Flower cookie and Moth cookie

Russian flag cookie and Butterfly cookie

Sun cookie and Chinese Feng Shui Knot cookie

Clown cookie with mini merengues around

Cookies Parade
Pick up a favorite one!

More sweets at this page :)

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Soap Compliment

>>  7/23/2011

New soap carving peices and flowers from my mom's garden:


Soap and roses



Submitted to:
Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Vegetable event by guest hosted bySara of Saras Corner


Wedding Fruit Display With Candles

>>  7/20/2011

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Fruit display with watermelon, flowers carved out of vegetables and lanterns made of green squash.


White flowers carved out of daikon and radish.

See how to carve lanterns in pumpkins and squash 

squash lantern with 'hearts' design

Submitted to:
Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Vegetable event by guest hosted bySara of Saras Corner


Baked Banana & Ice cream Dessert For Drivers

>>  7/14/2011

The "Drivers" dessert was inspired by a baked banana recipe what I have found on a new cooking service I have never tasted a baked banana before, so then I saw an original recipe of grilled bananas with milk chocolate in Jam Hands blog I understood I should give it a try. 

To make a "Drivers" Dessert you need:

  • baked banana with chocolate,
  • ice cream,
  • any syrup,
  • garnishes form pear and apple in a shape of gear-wheels and traffic signs (like the one in the Lightning McQueen watermelon project).

How to bake bananas with chocolate

For 2 persons I took 2 bananas and a kind of chocolate we use for a chocolate fountain. Slit banana in half  and stuff it with chocolate. Bake for 5-7 minutes. 

While I had my bananas baking I took a time to make fruit garnishes.

Gear-wheel garnish from a pear

you need a thai knife and an apple corer

cut a pear off  and make it round. 

use an apple corer to thirl the pear item in the center

create a gear-wheel design in the pear item using a thai knife
Serve a dessert

Ripe some syrup in the bottom of the dessert bowl. Add ice cream and hot baked bananas. Fill the bowl in with ice cream and garnish the dessert with a pear gear-wheels and some berries ( I used honeysuckle from my mother garden ;))

Gear-wheels carved in a pear

The important note: eat the dessert immediately while the chocolate is melt down and the ice cream is frozen. Mmm.. yum-yum

Greasy road traffic sign carved in apple


Lightning McQueen Watermelon Bowl

>>  7/05/2011

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I've made the Lightning McQueen watermelon bowl to a little boy's birthday. Kiryll, or Kirya for short, is a name of the birthday guy. I carved the letters in red apples and attached them to the pineapple slices to create traffic signs.

The watermelon is carved as a basket. You see an image in the front side and enjoy fruits from the basket on the other hand.
Next I've got an idea to add a mechanics aspect. Please meet a spanner from a watrmelon skin and gearwheels from green apple!


If you like to carve Lightning McQueen watermelon I have attached a stencil of the car.
See how to make a gear-wheel in fruits ("Drivers" Dessert)

click the image to enlarge and print


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