Watermelon T-Rex Dinosaur

>>  4/17/2016

 A small watermelon has served for the T-Rex dinosaur, a Jurassic themed fruit snack made for a kids party.

This is a truly terrible lizard with sharp teethes and diabolic eyes watching the food.

Are you the brave one to fight the Godzilla?

How to make the Dino watermelon and the Jurassic fruit snack

watermelon for the head of the dino
lime and cumquat for eyes
almond for teethes
oranges, apples, mandarins, kiwi, and grapes for the fruit platter

Tools to use:
a big knife to cut watermelon
a baller to remove the watermelon red
a thai knife and V-knive to decorate fruits on platter

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godzilla watermelon carving

jurassic fruit snack



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