Live Class 'New Year Fruit Arrangement'

>>  12/28/2015

new year fruit arrangement japanese style
The symbols of the arrangement:
lime for bamboo,
apple fans for the fan
pomegranates for Daruma eyes.

In December 2015 I participated in Ikebana exhibition in Yuzhno city. It was a New Year themed floral event with many wonderful ikebana arrangements made in traditional Japanese style. I gave a Live show how to make a fruit arrangement using the traditional colors of new year ikebana Kadomatsu.
Limes symbolize bamboo, pomegranates imitate Daruma eyes and apple carving in a shape of fan means paper red fan usually added to the traditional new year Ikebana arrangements.
Watch the video of my class where I show how to arrange the fruit Ikebana.


The exhibition's display of mine, with cabbage and flowers.

Ikebana arrangement with vegetables


Long Fruit Gift Baskets

long fruit baskets with pomegranate

My new fruit gifts arranged in long wire baskets. Assorted fruits with floral décor look so adorable.

The fruit baskets were designed for a special client of mine, she has inspired me to create 'other'  things.

If you ask me to choose a favorite basket it is the pomegranates and red apples arrangements.

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long fruit gift basket


Tropical Fruit Basket

pineapple fruit basket

Fruit baskets with pineapple, grapes, carved apples and an exotic flower made of grapefruit.

More of fruit baskets in my blog.

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fruit carving gifts



Xmas Fruit Tower

>>  12/24/2015

xmas fruit bouquet treat

Say cheers to friends and family with the Xmas fruit tower of mandarins that makes a perfect gift for Christmas, or to say Happy New Year.
A box with chocolates makes up this tall arrangement.
christmas fruit tower


Fruit Santa. Christmas Themed Decorations Made Of Fruits

>>  12/22/2015

My Facebook friend Jørgen Vestergaard Nyhuus has made a cute Photoshoped picture with my Fruit Santa.

The Fruit Santa has been created for 1-year-birthday party,together with fruit tower and macarons christmas trees. Read more about those New Year themed edible decorations.

christmas and new year themed fruit decorations
Fruit Santa

macarons christmas trees fruit christmas tree
Christmas nad New Year themed decorations made od fruits and sweets


Weekend In The City

>>  12/21/2015

banana christmas tree

Hi friends,

How it is going on?

I spent the last weekend in the city, and came across the amazing banana Christmas tree displayed in a market.

Have a nice week and enjoy your shopping!

More fruit New Year trees



Christmas And New Year Soap Carving Crafts

>>  12/20/2015

A collection of New Year themed soap carving gifts made to order.

The set of 3 different designs as 2016, Happy New Year and a Snowflake, has been made for my Russian client.

Feel free to contact me for customized soap carving gifts. Worldwide shipping is available.
Mail me to with "Soap carving to order" in subject.

Love to create beautiful things and make people happy with what they get.

Enjoy the New Year preparations!

new year soap gifts

made to order shipping


New Year Soap Carving Class - 2016

hand made soap new year design 2016
new year soap gift

In December we have met in a cozy café to carve new year soap gifts.
A carved soap can be a very special present because you design it yourself. You can carve names, numbers, and you can add any images and signs to make your own design.

You don't need a mold, but a knife to create anything you like. So we did it at our evening class together with children and their parents.
Photos by Irina Nefedova.

 Christmas gifts DIY

how to carve soap

how to carve soap

Knives and tools for soap carving


soap carving class

how to carve soap
learn soap carving

christmas gifts workshop



Leaf Skeletons - Fall's Soap Craft Project

>>  11/23/2015

soap carving gifts
Say farewell to fall by making beautiful soap carving crafts. Leaf skeleton is a good idea of a gift in late November. This is what we did in my class in the museum on the last Sunday.

soap carving class

soap carving how to class

fall crafts project

Still thinking where to go on weekends in Yuzhno city? Join my classes in the Chekhov's Book Museum. Take your chance to visit the art gallery and try yourself in soap carving. Next meeting on the 13th of December 2015 at 13:00. Book a ticket at the gallery.

sakhalin holidays where to go on weekends

how to carve soap



Halloween 2015

>>  10/31/2015

halloween decorations 2015
Hello, I will be your guide to the castle of  Pumpkin Dracula

Hope you guys had a great Halloween night. Even if you spent that night at home, I hope you did some pumpkin carvings.
I spent the night at the Halloween show in the cinema. Before seeing a horror movie the visitors tried themselves in carving scary faces in fruits. That was a quick class for joy.
I am looking forward to having official photographs of the evil party and monsters at my class :)
Halloween decorations 2015

halloween show 2015

painting of Pumpkin Dracula

sakhalin island halloween party 2015


Halloween carving class

How to carve scary face on fruits

halloween crafts 2015 how to
Halloween carving class
Halloween streets

halloween yuzhno sakhalinsk


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