3D Easter Treats Party

>>  3/29/2013

Easter Treat Ideas
Made in 3D Silicone Moulds

Let's celebrate Easter 2013 with the festive Eggs and Bunny made in 3D silicone moulds.
If you made one, leave a comment here with your blog link, I will update the Party.

3D easter chocolate

3D Bisquits Egg and Bunny by Irmina  Conejo y Huevo de Pascua en 3D
Yes, you can bake in 3D silicone mould!

3 D lekue mould chocolate

3 Dimensional Chocolate Egg and Bunny by Nayna, SimplySensationalFood

3D lekue mould chocolate

3D Chocolate Eggs With Flowers by Selena, Garnishfood Blog
Video instruction

3D chocolate idea

3D Chocolate Exhibition by Selena, Garnishfood Blog


3D Pumpkin Heart Sculpture For Wedding Fruit Display

>>  3/26/2013

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This pumpkin heart is 3D sculpture. It served for topping of the wedding watermelon carving display. 

The clients asked me for a fruit display the day before their wedding, with any design up to me. I had no certain idea of decoration. I was on my way from the market (where I bought watermelon and essential fruits), when the pumpkin heart image popped up in my mind. I turned back to the market and got vegetables  for garnising part. 

As my heart desires bright colors after long winter in Sakhalin, I decided on the orange+pink colors combination. 
The display also had a fruit plate which is not on the picture.

Tools for the pumpkin heart:
Ray Villafane's loops for 3D pumpkin sculpturing
Thai knife for carving the pattern

wedding fruit display

wedding fruit display


Easter Treat - 3D Chocolate Eggs

>>  3/23/2013

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Bicolor Valentine 3D Chocolate Hearts
3D Chocolate - Christmas Tree, Hearts and Eggs DIY

easter eggs decoration
Easter 3D Chocolate Eggs with lovely flower decoration

Spring is coming! Easter is around the corner! And my easter eggs have a spring message, read in floristic ornament. 

The chocolate eggs are made in Easter 3D Lekue mold and decorated with chewing candy. The eggs are very bright, unique and having unusual look. I made video about making the 3D chocolate treat, it is attached below. 

For the Easter treat you will need:
Marshmallow or chewing sweets (any baking and waflle decorations work great here)

See in the video:
How to melt chocolate
How to fill the 3D mold
How to prepare decoration
How to create the lovely Easter eggs

Watch video on making 3D Chocolate Eggs

Music is by Alizbar, "Dwarves' songs in Hobbit's hole", harp

Easter Eggs Gallery.
Make a special egg for Easter 2013

easter treat chocolate 3D lekue eggs
3D Chocolate eggs and heart

easter treat and food idea
 Watch my video on making the Easter eggs

easter egg 3D chocolate lekue
Spring design in Easter eggs

new idea on easter treat and food decoration
Chocolate heart with small heart decoration

chocolate mousse garnish
Chocolate mousse garnished with chocolate heart,
made in 3D Lekue mold

easter cake decoration
Use baking decorations, sugar balls, waffle flowers for the chocolate eggs.

easter food dessert
Use the easter eggs for cake top. 

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Bicolor Valentine 3D Chocolate Hearts
3D Chocolate - Christmas Tree, Hearts and Eggs DIY


Are You Ready For Spa? - Spa Themed Soap Carving Collection

>>  3/17/2013

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My new collection of soap carvings in Spa theme

The soaps are carved in different styles. The Spa collection has soap medallions, soap boxes and thai design soap. 
The idea of Spa Soap collection came to me after washing myself with a carved soap.

Spa Soap Carving Collection

how to carve soap
Are you ready for Spa?
Bathing set with soap carving items

soap box design
Soap boxes

spa soap carving collection
Set for beauty.
 Soap carving box and powder with glitter effect

how to carve soap
Soap carving medallion

soap box soap medallion thai soap designs
Set of soap carving items: thai style soap, soap boxes and soap medallion

design for soap carving
Soap carving box and bath salts

learn how to carve soap
Soap boxes

spa soap
Thai style soap carving 

spa soap carving design
Soap carving medallion, Love Compass

spa soap carving collection
Roses and lace design in soaps

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Soap Carving - Tool Set or Thai Knife?

>>  3/10/2013

combine U-knife from the soap carving set and thai knife to carve the soap design
combination of geometrical and floristic designs in soap carving

Q.: What do you use for your soap carving, tools or a thai knife?

A student of mine said that tools don't give the fine effect on soap. I was sad to hear that she was dissapointed with soap carving after trying to carve an elegant design using a carving tool set. I understood that she made some mistakes which caused the dissapointment. If you feel the same about soap carving, this article should help you.

Mind the soap texture

Remember that soap texture differs from fruits and vegetables. Don't 'cut' soap. Often you are enough to 'press' a knife in and 'turn' it to make a shape. Choose designs and carving style depending on soap softness and texsture flexibility. I don't carve thin details in my soaps because they are easely broken ( I mean don't carve in acute angle).

Tools and thai knife work in tandem

I combine tools and thai knife in my carvings. Use tools like U-shape knife for making geometrical designs, and thai knife for carving flowers, waves, hearts and other details. 
Ability to carve details in the same size is very important in soap carving art. So tools helps you in the work at your first steps. 

At Malisa school lessons we used a special soap carving tool set like on the picture below. I saw beautiful designs made with the knives from the set. The cutters from the set can add a cute effect to your soap.

cutters and knives for soap carving design
Soap carving tool set,
the knives from the set can add a fine effect to your soap carving work


Making Fruit Carving In Any Weather

>>  3/08/2013

Long winter seems never end here. Having snowstorms in March and April is usual business in Sakhalin. 
Last wekeend was hard to me, I had 4 days busy with fruit carving work and 2 of them were while a severe snowstorm. 

I didn't cancel the order at the blizzard day because I had a client driving a hundred kilometers to take the fruit carving display. 
That was a crazy weekend, I couldn't get home (I live in suburb, the road was closed and no transportation run). A friend of mine picked me up after my job and gave me a shelter in the city. 

When you look at fruit carving pictures, you might think they were made in a paradisal resort place. I bet you don't care what is going on outside the room :)

Paradisal birds and frangipani flowers carving

Wedding fruit carving display

I like to add frangipani flowers to my displays.
It was good to have a chance to learn the flowers in Chiang Mai

Fruit buffet with watermelon and vegetable bird sculptures

Meantime outside

a city square

walking the city in the snowstorm

walking the empty traffic road, no pedestrian lanes yet

Windy, snowing and no roads

Some funny pictures shared after the snowstorm

a guy looks for his car, it should be parked here

the car is found!
a map with marks where to dig out cars

the map was correct!

Want to get back to paradise?

Fruit display for birthday


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