Watermelon Carving. Skills Training

>>  9/29/2013

I bought the small watermelon at a local farmer market, and was surprised when I found it was without seeds and perfect for carving. So I kept it for training.

Since the time of my carving study at Malisa school in Thailand I wanted to try the learned soap carving designs in watermelon.

The imported watrmelons are big and hard to carve. Last week I broke two thai knives while carving on it skin. That is a terriblre loss. They were my favorite knives, one Triangle knife and one was thai...

But this local watrrmelon is just from my dreams, very soft and good for carving small details.So I did this soap design in it. You can compare the two designs and tell me which you like, in soap or in watermelon.

thai carving art n watermelon
Thai carving art in watermelon

P.S.: If you find a grammar mistake or misspelling in this blog, please feel free to correct it by mailing me. Thus you help to make the blog better and pleasant to read, you also help me to improve my English to tell you more about carving art.

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