Simple Apple And Lemon Garnishes For Drinks

>>  9/16/2013

These garnishes are very easy and quick to make. You just need some cookie cutters. Your kids will help you. 

Bicolor Heart garnish of apples

how to make apple garnish
Bicolor heart garnish made of apples

You will need:
red and green apples,
heart cookie cutters in big and small sizes

1. Cut two slices of green and red apples
2. Using a big cutter cut out red and green hearts. Then using a small cutter carve out a small heart inside the big heart.
3. Swap the small hearts to compose the bicolor hearts.
4. Srick the garnish to the glass by cutting both small and big hearts like shown at the picture.

easy fruit garnish of apple
Instruction on making easy apple garnish

Butterfly garnish of apple and lemon

how to make butterfly of apple
Butterfly garnish of apple

You will need:
lemon and red apple,
butterfly cookie cutter.


1. Take a slice of red apple.
2. Using a bitterfly cutter carve out the batterfly garnish.
3. The apple batterfly and a lemon slice to be set on the glass.

easy lemon and apple garnises
Step instruction on how to garnish wth lemon and apple

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Radhika September 16, 2013 at 7:10 AM  

WoW! really cool garnish for drinks love the hearts and butterfly...superb and simple technique..thanks for sharing selena...

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