Black Cats and Pumpkin Heart

>>  10/31/2012

zuccini and pumpkin sculpture
Black cats out of zuccini skin

Black cats out of zuccini skin and a pumpkin heart as a top decoration of the fruit display made for the 1st birthday of a young girl. 

This is my 'Cute Halloween Greeting' to all my readers and friends! 

fruit and pumpkin grafts for children
Fruit display for kids


Autumn Ikebana Arrangement

>>  10/29/2012

We are having Ikebana Sogetsu week here in my hometown. Six teachers from Sogetsu Branch in Sapporo came to Sakhalin to exhibit thier arrangements and teach. Being a student of Sakhalin Sogetsu school I set up my Ikebana arrangement with vegetables (Morimono).

Usually Ikebana arrangements have no names. It lets people to think thier own meaning. The main point of Ikebana is beauty of natural materials (flowers, leaves, branches). Sogetsu is a free styled Ikebana art. 

This time I used whole pumpkins with no carving elements.

morimono ikebana
The first day of the exhibition
Once done, a master of Ikebana cares for his arangement till the last day of the materials live. You have to refresh and rearrange the components to extend the beauty of the Ikebana. 

The forth day of the exhibition. Rearranged by my teacher.

Learning Ikebana art helps me to see beauty in the simple things. I use some Ikebana principles for making my carving arrangements. 
I also hope that the Carving Contest's participants will take advantage of the Ikebana rule and will care for thier voting results till the last day of the Contest poll. 



Urgent and Important Note About the Contest Poll

>>  10/27/2012

Dear friends,

I recieved messages about the Contest Poll fault, that does not count votes. Indeed, the Google Poll service works incorrectly. It sounds like a Halloween nightmare! I have changed the poll service and restarted the Contest Poll. I am sorry if you voted, but your vote didn't count. Please visit the page back and vote again. 

The Contest Poll is prolonged to November 10, 2012. 

I am so sorry for the mess. Hope you understand, and the situation didn't hurt you.

Thanks and hugs!!


The Fall Carving Contest Stage 2 Voting

>>  10/25/2012

Carving Contest is over. 
Check up the Contest results and winners

Dear friends,

The Online Carving Contest Stage 2 is on air. Find the Contest entries below and use the side bar poll to vote for your favorite carving work. Invite your friends to support the participants by voting for them. Please UPDATE THE PAGE after voting to SEE THE RESULTS.  The poll ends on November 10, 2012.
According to the poll results the top 3 winners will be given with the valuable prizes:

The 1st place – Wonder Tree
The 2nd place – Watermelon plate
The 3rd place – A set of carving books.

Besides the top prizes, there are special awards from
Temple of Thai is an online shop for Thai food, Asian kitchenware and fruit carving books, tools and DVDs since 1999. They accept different payment methods and ship worldwide from their location in Los Angeles, California, USA. 

The Special Awards from Temple of Thai:

The Most Amazing Work – A set of carving knives
The Beginner’s Award – “FruitCarving How To” DVD

To determine the special award winners I asked for a help of a special man SamSam Bubbleman!
Sam is a British artist making a Grand Soap Bubble Show in London, UK. Sam performs Bubble Shows at private parties, weddings, kids party, science show and corporate events. He does the show for television, films, videos and celebrities. Samsam Bubbleman has bubbled the Olympics 2012 in London.

I asked Sam a few 'carving' questions. This is what he said:

Q.: Sam, I know that you do Bubble shows at the different events which are weddings, corporate, birthday and kid's parties. Have you seen fruit carving displays at the events? What they were like? 
A.: I don't remember seeing fruit carvings at any events, although I remember reading about a performance made by some musicians who made their instruments out of fruit and vegetables (like a flute carrot!), played a concert, and at the end of the concert, the musicians would cook their vegetables into a soup and all the audience could eat it! I didn't get a chance to see it, but it sounded like a remarkable performance!

Q.: I wonder if there fruit carvings were displayed at the Olympics 2012 events?
A.: The Olympics were everywhere! There were celebrations and events organised all over the country. We were involved in a couple of these - one was to do with the Olympic Torch, and the other was the Opening Ceremony itself. Regrettably I saw no fruit or vegetable carving at either of these.

Q.: Have you ever tried yourself in a fruit and vegetable carving art? Simple food and drink garnishes? Fun with food?
If yes can you share your favorite one?
A.: I think the favourite food garnish I have ever done was impaling pieces of vegetarian hot dog sausages with pieces of spaghetti and then cooking them together for my kids. They love them! ALso I arrange their food on their plate into faces sometimes to help them find fun in their food. I used to like peeling oranges into faces/shapes.

Vote for your favorite work at the side bar poll:
Click the photo for close look

1. Vade Retro, by Matilde, Spain

Vade Retro

2. Watermelon Basket with Rose, by Sayani, Malaysia

Watermelon Basket with Rose

3. Sweet Lime Bouquet, by Pradnya, India

Sweet Lime Bouquet

4. Rock Melon Centerpiece, by Amila, Singapore

Rock Melon Centerpiece

5. The Spirit of Freedom, by Roger, USA

The Spirit of Freedom

6. Art Fusion, by Elio, Italy

Art Fusion

7. Spring Color, by Huynh Van Hoa, Viet Nam

Spring Color

8. Fall Flower Bouquet, by Durdana, Bangladesh

Fall Flower Bouquet

9. Rose, by Boonmee, USA


10. Fruit Decoration, by Maja, Serbia

Fruit Decoration

11. Chinese Sign, by Tony, Mexico

Chinese Sign

12. KingAmato Watermelon, by Gianni, Italy


13. Alfredo Mukimono, by Alfredo, Mexico

Alfredo Mukimono

14. Peacock, by Snezana, Macedonia


15. Tailed Beast of Fire, by Jesse, Philippines

Tailed Beast of Fire

16. Abstract Watermelon, by Tarun, India

Abstract Watermelon

17. Shoes, by Homa, Iran


18. Honeydew Melon, by Ilda, Brazil

Honeydew Melon

19. Pumpkin, by Branka, Croatia


20. Wedding Watermelon, by Edibleglamour, Canada

Wedding Watermelon

21. Family Day, by Rodolfo, Philippines

Family Day


Doves Carving

>>  10/23/2012

A pair of doves sit on the wedding watermelon.
The bird's material is daikon.
Carved with a thai knife. I use the Soap Carving Book for birds carving ideas.

bird carving
Bird carving for wedding


Watermelon Carving Display For Fall Wedding

>>  10/22/2012

fruit carving arrangement watermelon fall wedding
Fruit display for fall themed wedding

Watermelon carving arrangement made for the fall themed wedding reception. The watermelon with the fruit tray was displayed on the head table. There are vegetable flowers on the top of the watermelon.


Pumpkin Displays For Kids To Kindergarten

>>  10/19/2012

Pumpkin tree with the funny inhabitants was made for kids to kindergarten's fall event.
I attached the 'Owl on the Moon'  idea to the Pumpkin Tree.
The main material for the display is pumpkin.

I couldn't stop myself and made a  Happy Harvest display as a bonus using the rest of pumpkins.

If you have a photo with your pumpkin craft feel free to submit it to the Fall Carving Contest 2012. Up to October 24 send your photo to my e-mail and win the online poll.  The top 3 winners will be given with lovely prizes. There are also some extra awards form Temple of Thai! Don't miss it!

Pumpkin tree

The animals have many things to do

Dreamy owl

Happy Harvest


Class on Making a Vegetable Bouquet

>>  10/15/2012

I want to share some pictures from my class on making a flower bouquet. There are works of my students and one of mine on the photo. 
At the class we carved flowers out of chinese cabbage, daikon, zuccini, cucumber and carrot. The flowers are not complicated. You can find them in the books and DVD's teaching basic skills. But I am not sure if all the books teach how to arrange the carving centerpieces in a nice bouquet. 

I love the photo because it shows the variety of arrangements in spite of using the same flowers made with the same tools. 

See other arrangements in the pumpkin frame:

Share your carving work and win a special prize from GarnishFood Blog. Check out the details!


Photo Report of The 'Crazy Hand-Made' Exhibition, September 2012

>>  10/13/2012

On September 30, 2012 my Carving Studio participated in the 'Crazy Hand-Made' exhibition. 'Crazy Hand-Made' is a name of crafter's community in my hometown. 

Every exhibition I show new displays never made before. When an idea or an image comes to my mind I write them into my A4 notebook. Some of them I use for my work, others have to be tested before. An exhibition is a perfect occasion to try new things out.

I invited my students again to make carving displays. I asked them to not take the exhibition seriosly and let them play with materials. I believe that even basic skills can amaze. See what we made!

Click photo for bigger size

Fruit owl on the pumpkin moon and vegetable roses bouquets. Work of mine

Lemons and daikon roses, playing with colors. Work of mine.

Beet roses arranged in the metal vase.
Simple things look great when you add interesting details. Work of mine.

Melon and fantasy flowers on the holder made of  Sakhalin bamboo.
Work of mine.

Zuccini ship with gladiolus sails. Inspired by the painting. Made by Tatiana

Ice rock out of daikon and penguin finger food. New look of the popular food idea.
Made by Galina.

Vegetable flowers. Made by Natalie

Marrow squash house. Made by Natalie.

Watermelon carving by Claudia.

Visitors took photographs and asked the recipe of the penguins :) The favorite displays were the Ice Rock, the Marrow House and the Owl on the Moon. I think this is becouse they are simple and reqired a little of carving experience to do.
I had 'Triangle' tools and carving books for sale. And, of course, a short free class was given.

I show how to make the fantasy flowers

Carving propaganda :) Try for free and take a paid course after


Take a look or take a try!

The results of the exhibition:

  • Studio advertising
  • Tools sales
  • Contact list for classes
  • My students are inspired for the Christmas exhibition in December
  • short inreview on a local TV 
Just to remind that The Fall Carving Contest 2012 is on its first stage. Submit your carving work up to September 24 and take a chance to win a lovely prize! Feel free in using materials and creating displays. Never mind if you are just a begginer or non-experienced. I have a surprise for you!


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