Drink garnishing

>>  3/07/2010

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Be My Valentine drink garnish
made of a red apple heart and orange arrow


Sunny drink garnish
made of orange skin cut


Wedding Fruit Feng Shui

>>  3/06/2010

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Bright up a wedding party with Good Fortune Feng Shui symbols.
Lotus is a symbol of purity modesty and love. Used as a powerful enhancer for luck and romance.   
Yellow color (or golden color) represents wealth and good luck in business. Attracts financial success and prosperity.  


Fruit Princess

>>  3/05/2010

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Fruit Princess

Fruit tray with vegetable flowers garnish



Yearling Party Fruit Tray

>>  3/02/2010

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The apples from the picture say "1Year" to the guests at an yearling party. 

"1 Year" together with the Cherry-tree.


Cherry-Tree In Blossoms - Fruit Carving Arrangement

>>  3/01/2010

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I am in the mood for some of romance these first days of spring. I share my love with you my friends.


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