Autumn Ikebana Arrangement

>>  10/29/2012

We are having Ikebana Sogetsu week here in my hometown. Six teachers from Sogetsu Branch in Sapporo came to Sakhalin to exhibit thier arrangements and teach. Being a student of Sakhalin Sogetsu school I set up my Ikebana arrangement with vegetables (Morimono).

Usually Ikebana arrangements have no names. It lets people to think thier own meaning. The main point of Ikebana is beauty of natural materials (flowers, leaves, branches). Sogetsu is a free styled Ikebana art. 

This time I used whole pumpkins with no carving elements.

morimono ikebana
The first day of the exhibition
Once done, a master of Ikebana cares for his arangement till the last day of the materials live. You have to refresh and rearrange the components to extend the beauty of the Ikebana. 

The forth day of the exhibition. Rearranged by my teacher.

Learning Ikebana art helps me to see beauty in the simple things. I use some Ikebana principles for making my carving arrangements. 
I also hope that the Carving Contest's participants will take advantage of the Ikebana rule and will care for thier voting results till the last day of the Contest poll. 


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