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>>  9/18/2011

I have been tagged by my blogger friend Dave to write about myself and my 'fruit and vegetable' job on Sakhalin isle. I was asked to add more personal info to my blog.  I was touched by that hint. I have started GarnishFood Blog to share my passion to fruit art. And yes I do not take my pages as a personal blog. But there are some people who want to know about the person behind the blog. So it's a time for my story.

Frankly speaking I have a pure connection with my writing muse. I rather enjoy visual arts. That is why my blog is stuffed mainly with pictures and the minimum of writing. Dave, I know you like stories. Well I am trying to make one out.

About me
I was born on Sakhalin island. My grandparents came to Sakhalin after the World War II to work and live here. My parents were born in here too. My family has slavic and middle east roots so I am a multinational character.
To understand the place I live in see my photo album of Yuzhno

About work
Before I got the "fruit and vegetable job" I was far from fruit and vegetable art. I have seen beautiful watermelon pictures in Internet before, but never took them seriously. I was sure they were photoshopped.
I worked for a company in hire-fire department and did some paper work. In 2007 I met a woman who involved me into the kitchen and household trading business. They had fruit carving and food garnishing courses for the consultants. That is how I got a new hobby.

In 2009 I participated in a Women Of The Year contest with my carving arrangements and won it in 'Handicraft' nomination. In that very day I got two clients for party decoration. That is how I started my fruit and vegetable carving business.

with the city mayor at the contest ceremony

At the present time I do carving arrangements 2-3 times a week, the other days I meet clients in my office and sell kitchen and household goods.

Apart from fruit carving art I like painting, making collages and ikebana arrangements.

Nefertiti, paper collage

Ikebana with a pumpkin, September 2010. Latvia, Riga, floristic festival

About whales, sea animals and earthquakes
I have been asked if we go for whalewatch. I have never seen whales, they live far in the sea to the north. I would love to sea one!
Sometimes we find sea creatures on shore:

a skeleton of a sea animal found in 2006, the animal was not identified (click to enlarge)

Sakhalin is a land of earthquakes. In 2009 a severe earthquake damaged Nevelsk town in the South Sakhalin. The sea line stepped by and a sea bottom showed up.

a TV reporter staying at the shore what was a sea bottom before

Seals laying on the breakwater. Before we rented a boat to watch the seals. Today you are able to walk to them.

Hope you are inspired enough for a scary halloween pumpkin to send to Create n Carve ~ Fruit and Vegetable Event, September 2011

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Amy September 19, 2011 at 7:24 AM  

Glad to know about you & about your achievements...Good Luck!!

Chef Linny September 21, 2011 at 3:35 PM  

Thank you for all the photos and details of where you live and how you became a food artist, very insightful!

simply.food September 23, 2011 at 12:28 PM  

Its lovely to know about you, you are very talented nad extremely gifted in carving.

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