Phytodesign With Ferns In Self Watering Santino Planters

>>  6/21/2017

santino latina selfwatering plant pot

When I am free of fruit carving work I sell my green designs. 

I have been asked to create two containers with ferns to be placed in a bathroom corner garden of a client. 

Except of providing a planting design I was charged with the Santino self watering pots I was supposed to plant in. If you have never dealed with this type of planter, it could be a difficult to figure out how to use it. The Santino Latina self watering planter has drenage cartriges which are a smart watering system.

This video is a good help, thanks the guy for the instruction.

As for the decorative part of my design, I used the north moss (gathered on  a local hill), white rocks and shells.

self watering planter santino latina

phytodesign for the bathing corner garden

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