Traditional Korean 60th Birthday Table Setting (Hwangap)

>>  6/25/2017

I have been invited to a teem of designers to provide a traditional korean festive food decoration for the 60th birthday. The korean 60th birthday is called Hwangap. 

typical korean table decoration

 Two fruit carving arrangements were done for the event. They are watermelons with fruit sculptures on it sending a message of health, long life and love to the birthday woman from her family.

hwangap fruit style
The watermelon carving design with  a message "To Mommy" 

fruit carving designs 60th birthday
The watermelon carving with a message of the long life wish

The other designers covered the head table with typical koren clothes and set the festive table ware. They also placed the jelly towers made in a traditional festive way. These towers you see on the photo are plastic ones. In the past korean families did the towers with using real traditional sweets. 

jelly towers 60th birthday hwangap
Korean 60th birthday (Hwangap) table setting with the jelly towers and food decorations

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